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Six Reasons to have a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Newhaven Wedding Photographer LR-9836

I’ve long been an advocate of the pre-wedding (AKA engagement) shoot, as not only do you get to meet your photographer but on a more relaxed day than your wedding day, it also gives you an awesome set of photos during those heady days before you tie the knot.

Today’s post comes from Erika of PhotoMadly, a Way Out Wedding favourite, and she’s talking about all the reasons you should totally have this kind of shoot!! Over to Erika!


Kurt and Courtney Meets Where The Wild Roses Grow Engagement Shoot

1990s bride grunge wedding inspiration

“From the first day I saw her I knew she was the one
As she stared in my eyes and smiled
For her lips were the colour of the roses
They grew down the river, all bloody and wild”

From Where the Wild Roses Grow by Nick Cave & The Wild Seeds

When one of your best friends is a wedding photographer and you get engaged, things like this awesome shoot can happen! Not only did Kate and Jed have an engagement shoot, but together with Sarah from Sarah Hearts Photography and some local suppliers, they upped their game and created some 1990s styled shoot magic!

1990s bride grunge wedding inspiration


Way Out Wedding Competition Winners’ Outdoorsy Engagement Shoot – Gemma and James

Back when the blog turned one year old, I ran a series of competitions for my readers, one of which was to win your wedding photography with Rob Grimes and Tracey Christina. We had lots of entries from some fab future brides and grooms, and it was so good to see the creativity being planned for all these weddings! The winners were Gemma and James, whose wedding I’ll also be blogging soon, but we thought you also might like to see also their engagement shoot.

What I like about these photos is firstly the love between these two – their expressions, laughter, and the way they interact is pure affection and genuine adoration. You can see they feel safe and loved with each other. And the other more aesthetic appeal for me is the variety of backdrops: the wild and sandy hill dunes, the blustery beach, the trees and forest. Lots of different moods evoked for the viewer, which spotlight and showcase the love of the couple. (more…)

St Ives Engagement Shoot


My husband and I had our honeymoon in St Ives – what a place! The light is magical, the art is inspiring, the food is incredible, and it all started with that enchanting train ride from St Erth where we felt like we were entering a different world. Yes, you could say I love St Ives! You really should go…

I saw this engagement shoot on Olivia Whitbread-Roberts‘s Facebook, and loved the couple’s style and also the fact it was in this amazing place. I hope you enjoy it and get booking a trip there as soon as possible!

8Y1A9543 8Y1A9596



Atmospheric Loch Goil Engagement Shoot: Daniela and Sven


You know how I always say that rain will actually never ruin your wedding day? That in all the rainy day weddings I’ve blogged about, I have yet to see one that wasn’t enhanced by the rain? Well this engagement shoot shows that it’s true of pre-wedding sessions, too. Look how atmospheric these are! The colours of the couple are given a beautiful vibrancy by the dramatic skies and rain-soaked scenery (which, by the way, is beautiful Scotland! I know it well for this kind of lighting and evocative look.), and you just wouldn’t get this in the blazing sunshine. Basically, never despair what the weather is doing; if you have a professional photographer, like Eric-René Penoy who took these shots, they will make sure your beauty shines through, rain or shine!


I’ll hand over to Daniela (who said when she wrote this she missed Scotland a lot aw!), to tell you more…

We actually lived together before we became a couple. I was looking for a flat in the beginning of my studies, and he was looking for a roommate in his flatshare. I was quite desperate to find a room, so the day we met I already moved in. Since I was new in town and didn’t know anybody, he introduced me to his friends, bars and places. A few weeks later, we were a couple. That was 15 years ago.

We’d talked about marriage now and then, but nevertheless the proposal came as a surprise. It was during an evening walk that Sven had talked me into, even though I’d have preferred a lazy evening in front of the TV. He proposed on our favourite spot in the town I was living in by then, upon a hill with a beautiful view of the medieval town centre below.


We came to Scotland to get married in a small and intimate civil ceremony with only parents, and we’ll have the religious ceremony with friends and whole family back in Germany. We wanted to have a memory of that special day and so thought to combine that with an engagement shoot.


Colourful Camden Engagement Shoot: Dean and Rhia

Love That Smile Photography_Engagement Shoot Dean & Rhia_Camden Town London_031

I love Camden. I love colour. I love Love That Smile Photography. So really, this engagement shoot is like a perfect storm of all three! I may have pounced on this one!!

Rhia and Dean met on a Sunday night out in a local bar whilst they were out with their sets of friends. Rhia says,

I’d been drinking absinthe with my friend, while Dean was in the process of drinking a whole bottle of rosé in one go, which got my attention!! Our group of friends got talking, and Dean took my number. He tried acting cool, saying he didn’t give his number out, only to call me two minutes after he left to make sure I got home all right, even though I was still in the bar and could see him through the window!

Love That Smile Photography_Engagement Shoot Dean & Rhia_Camden Town London_044

Rhia took Dean to Mexico for his 30th birthday, where, she tells me, “he proposed to me aged 29 years and 364 days.” After dinner, Dean got down on one knee outside the restaurant to ask the question, and Rhia said yes before having a clear view of the ring…