I ♥ Hermione de Paula


I’ve had Hermione de Paula on my heart-eyes radar for ages, and thought it was about time I showed you in full just what I love about her modern designs.

I adore the playful details such as the wedding day date embroidered right there into the design, as above, and the confident sexiness of that thigh-high split (below) dealing an unexpected sucker-punch just when you thought it was a reasonably conservative dress.

On her website, it sums up her ethos better than I can:

“Working more as an artist than a typical fashion designer, Hermione celebrates the flora and fauna of the landscape around us: secret messages combine with flowers in disguise and paradisiacal prints for you to find.”

And Harpers Bazaar US said,

“Her flair for ‘Romantic Surrealism’ results in designs that surprise upon closer inspection.”

Now if that doesn’t leave you aching to see more, I don’t know what to do with you.


The Miss Bush Bridal 2017 Lookbook


I caught some of the shots from the Miss Bush Bridal 2017 lookbook on Instagram, and was immediately hooked. Sometimes dresses are shot in a studio and so the lookbook just looks a bit static and lifeless; endless images that all end up looking the same and you can’t tell one from another.

Not so with this shoot…

These gowns are brought to life and given a context, in fact a back story, based on what actual visitors to The Chapel (where Miss Bush Bridal lives) have said, and the thoughts and inspirations these things sparked in M.D. Emma’s imagination.

And I love the ethos of the company – that it’s not just about one person, but more that it’s a team of creatives who’ve broken through the ‘professional distance’ boundary into a blurred swirl of friends and collaborators, of family and colleagues, and that this has meant the creativity has blended and risen to a different level. There’s an intimacy to these images that you only get when a team does this. And it’ll make you connect with the beautiful dresses so much more…



Jane Bowler Bridal Debut Collection


This stunning bridal collection from Jane Bowler Studios is one of the most exciting things to appear on my wedding radar. The avant garde designs and materials are just incredible and so utterly up my street I could pop.

I love how the strict edges and stillness of the geometric plastic shapes sit beside the softness and fluidity of Heather Orr’s macrame and of AM Faulkener’s veils (embellished by Jane as a collaboration). It’s an arresting relationship of opposing qualities. Very clever, modern bridal; filled with connotations of strong and armoured and also soft and romantic.

The future is here and it’s going to blow your mind.



16-09-24_jane_bowler29476 16-09-24_jane_bowler29446 16-09-24_jane_bowler29485



Teacup Dress


Kate Miles, the designer of this gorgeous dress, is just 16 years of age, and I think she is definitely one to watch!! Kate began making at only eight years of age, and by twelve had sold her first wedding dress. Just wow!! Describing her work, she says,

“Colour and texture has always been its own language in my mind. Drape and movement speak to me; the dress just takes shape. Ideas lie in everything from a brick wall to a flower in my garden. Sometimes I will sketch it out, but usually I just pick up my scissors and go for it. My designs are always a juxtaposition of vintage with a modern edge. I love taking delicate fabrics and laces from old garments and pairing them with newer and bolder aspects to create something timeless, but exciting.”

This is a little shoot by Kel Ward to showcase one of Kate’s dresses, and the styling is perfection. I particularly love the model’s specs. Some brides feel under pressure, ridiculous societal pressure, to remove their glasses for the wedding, but here’s why you should rock them no matter what day it is!!




The Otaduy ‘I Do’ Collection

Earhart Dress 3

It was my good friend and photographer, and Way Out Wedding favourite, Paola de Paola, who put me on to Otaduy about a year ago now, and I’ve loved watching the label produce some of the edgiest bridal out there. It just gets stronger and stronger as a brand, and if you’re the type who wants to look more like a rock star than a traditional  bride, you’ll want to put Otaduy firmly on your radar…


Coppola Dress 3 Coppola Dress 2 Coppola Dress 1 Coppola Dress 4

Rosalind (shown with Lisa skirt and Edith top)

Rosalind Jacket - Lisa Skirt Edith Top - Rosalind Jacket 1 Edith Top - Rosalind Jacket 2


Earhart Dress 1 Earhart Dress 2 Earhart Dress 4