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Les Héroïnes

Shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses can be a difficult task, on both sides. As a bride, you’re demonised wherever you look, by virtue of being a bride boxed in as someone INFLEXIBLE AND MEAN who will inevitably choose ATROCIOUS DRESSES that feel more like some kind of tulle prison garment than a fun and comfortable party outfit. As a bridesmaid, you may feel conflicted as if you’re not given freedom, the chance of you liking your outfit is potentially slim, but if you are given freedom, where do the boundaries lie with what you can choose, and when they say ‘Wear what you want!’, do they actually, genuinely mean it? It’s a bloody minefield.


#bestgals Bridesmaids Collection from Rock the Frock and velvet johnstone


Bridesmaids, you can get properly excited now that separates are available for you, too! Not only that, but these are beautiful pieces in delicate colours and really feminine fabrics that you can team with your everyday clothes for after the wedding. No more one-wear-only, obviously bridesmaidy bridesmaid dresses hanging forlornly in the wardrobe until who knows when!!

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