Six Reasons to have a Pre-Wedding Shoot

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I’ve long been an advocate of the pre-wedding (AKA engagement) shoot, as not only do you get to meet your photographer but on a more relaxed day than your wedding day, it also gives you an awesome set of photos during those heady days before you tie the knot.

Today’s post comes from Erika of PhotoMadly, a Way Out Wedding favourite, and she’s talking about all the reasons you should totally have this kind of shoot!! Over to Erika!


How to choose your wedding day make-up artist 

MUA Make-up artist wedding day make-up

Today, one of Way Out Wedding’s recommended make-up artists (MUA), Amy Pike, brings you some amazing tips for how to choose one for your wedding day. On a day where you want to be your very best and most glamorous self, navigating the myriad looks open to you can seem like a daunting task. I’ve got a whole board of make-up looks on Pinterest, and I know it’s easy to get carried away and end up with no direction or focus and feel even more confused than when you began…

So, this is why I’ve brought in the expert to help advise and guide you! Over to Amy…


Find Your Perfect Scent at Avery Perfume Gallery


Finding a perfume that you love and that suits you is so delightful, so why not make an occasion of it and visit the Avery Perfume Gallery?

Avery describes itself as an ‘immersive space on beauty,’ and I would have to agree. The concept was curated by directors Celso Fadelli and Cristiano Seganfreddo and opened on Avery Row in 2010. This calm space provides the perfect antidote to bustling New Bond Street just a few metres away.

I was recently invited to this sumptuous place as part of my quest to discover interesting and less mainstream fragrances for you. Avery is an unassuming little treasure trove that will delight the olfactory senses, and you’ll find it tucked away on a cute little side street in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

What is a perfume gallery?

Well, it’s basically a perfume boutique with curators not sales assistants, and it’s laid out in a more original way than a simple store format. This isn’t a shop where you go in having already decided what you’re buying, but rather somewhere you come to journey through who you are and work with an expert, a curator, to match a scent to you. A far more bespoke experience.

Avery isn’t about following the pack and leaping onto the bandwagon of the latest marketing trends – it is so much more authentic than that. It mingles a contemporary setting with old school passion and values. The perfume curator reiterated to me that the concept of the gallery is very much about the fragrance itself rather than the brand. How refreshing!

Avery has galleries in other cities: Modena in Italy, where it’s housed in an old atelier with ‘elegant and sophisticated Italian lightness,’ bright and buzzing New Orleans in an art gallery opposite the new museum of contemporary art. You can also find Avery in Milan, Beverley Hills, Doha and Florence – all of them in exquisite spaces.


What does the space look like?


Wedding Venues in Malta by Carmela Weddings

Malta Way Out Wedding

When my husband and I got engaged, my parents treated us to a holiday in Malta. I know! Amazing treat!! I fell in love with the place the minute we got there, and I even declared that I would live there one day. Especially true now it’s been used for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones!!

We packed so much into those seven days: a boat trip over from Sliema to Valletta; a trip to the silent city, Mdina, where we saw the glassblowers making magical ornaments; taking those amazing yellow buses around the place; and the market at Marsaxlokk. We watched the jetskis from our balcony, and we had cocktails while making up tales about the abandoned casino that was in our view. I think it was the best holiday I’ve ever had.

When I got chatting with Lisa Carmela Vassallo, who runs the wedding planning company Carmela Weddings, I saw that she organises Malta weddings. I thought, well who better to write a piece about cool venues over there!

So, here is Lisa with five fabulous venues around the islands of Malta…

At Carmela Weddings, we like to do things a little differently; we don’t believe in wedding rules, and we think you should have the wedding you want, where you want. I love a relaxed and fun celebration, and I especially love them in the sunshine! Being half-Maltese, I always knew I’d end up combining my love of weddings with my passion for the beautiful island of Malta. My family still lives there, and so I’m over there a lot – it was only a matter of time before I started specialising in helping couples to get married there. I’m so in love with the place that I’m even getting married there myself in June! Most of the big fiestas happen during June, July and August too, so if you’re lucky you’ll even get a display during your wedding.

There are so many picture-perfect venues from the very grand to the cute and quirky. Here are my top five civil wedding venues (but there are plenty of amazing churches, too!). If you have any questions on any of these venues, or are looking for something a little different, just email me at

1. Ir-Razzett L’Abjad
This gorgeous 200-year-old, traditional farmhouse is so pretty! It can hold 500, but there are plenty of ways to use the space for smaller, more intimate weddings, too. You can say your vows under the vines and then party by the pool or for larger parties, head inside and use their stunning marquee.

2. The Phoenicia Hotel
Who says you can’t do a city wedding on a small island? The Phoenicia is smack bang in the centre of Malta’s capital, Valletta, so it’s also a great base for all your guests and can cater for weddings with up to 1,000 guests. I particularly love The Rotunda for smaller weddings of up to 120 – it’s set around an original art deco fountain and gardens so feels traditional but with a modern twist because of where it is. The food is amazing here, too.

3. The Xara Palace

Xara Palace Malta

This is the only hotel in the ‘silent city’ of Mdina. No cars are allowed in the medieval walled town (other than a few residents’ and wedding cars), which makes it such a peaceful, calm place. There’s so much history around you – legend has it that it was here, in around 60 CE, that St Paul lived after his shipwreck on the islands. The hotel itself is a 17th century palace and a celebrity haunt – if it’s good enough for Brangelina! There’s a little piazza right outside the hotel where you can hold your wedding, which looks just like a film set, or for more privacy, their stunning atrium holds up to 150. (more…)

Diane Pernet’s Perfume Range Launches at Liberty London

Diane Pernet by Alan Gelati - Copy

Just recently, one of my closest friends has begun attending events for me in London now that I don’t live there any more. Her name is Lindsay, and I spoke about her once before on here, how she got me into make-up and together we spent our pocket money at beauty counters on products way beyond our years, and we shopped for clothes and jewellery for about eight hours straight every weekend, taking the longest bus route home that we could just so we could look at all our stuff! Linds was and is elegance, and I’m a bit more indie, grungey, music-influenced, but we have forever overlapped on the beauty products. I am so, so pleased she’ll be contributing to Way Out Wedding: she is an expert on the finer things in the cosmetics world, and will give the blog a classy edge!

A couple of weeks ago, Lindsay, a fragrance fanatic (I honestly think she knows everything about it…), attended the launch of Diane Pernet’s perfume range at one of our most favourite places, Liberty London. Diane is a fashion industry superstar, a revered critic and video journalist, who has pushed the boundaries of how we experience our fashion and style. She has pioneered the evolution of fashion from the beloved two-dimensional page to the realm of digital media, namely through her site A Shaded View on Fashion, which provides an arena for fashion film makers to push themselves creatively in its fashion film competition. Film really is where something as fluid and living as fashion ought to also dwell in complement to still photography. After all, the artistry of clothes owes much to movement. You can’t see the dance of fabrics and cut via the paper page…

I shall hand over to Lindsay…

Diane Pernet Paris-groupshot - Copy

Something new or something that’s really you? Should we wear our signature perfume on our wedding day or is this the perfect opportunity to try something different to mark a new beginning? I met with perfumer and fashion blogger Diane Pernet at Liberty London to get her thoughts on this and to discuss the mystical world of perfume.

My first impression of Diane was that she is a serene and accomplished lady. Her soft, gentle voice is a deep contrast to her signature long black gown, black shades and spider-adorned headdress. Liberty is showcasing her four one-of-kind fragrances for a limited period, and I was eager to find out more – and have a good sniff!

Sweet beginnings

Having been initiated into the world of fine perfumes at the tender age of 14 – yes, far too young to be wearing Chanel but hey ho – I have been an addict ever since. I was curious to know what Diane’s first perfume was and whether it was the beginning of a lifetime love affair or one to be consigned to the fragrant graveyard of perfumes past. It was the latter. “I used to really love those sickeningly sweet perfumes and my first fragrance was Guerlain’s ‘Shalimar’” she says. “But I can’t stand it anymore – or any of those sweet vanilla-heavy perfumes.”