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Follow the Call of the Neon, Sequins and Disco Balls


In a world of weddingy weddings, be a disco ball. Be a neon sign. Be sequins, glitter and a mardi gras of brights. Deliver us from the everyday, PLEASE! The team that pulled this incredible shoot together has responded to that plea from so many couples and shown that there are suppliers out there who will produce such magic.

Ellie from Inner City Weddings, who conceptualised and styled the shoot, is here to tell the tale of how it all came about…


Modern Tropical Styled Shoot Inspired by London PRIDE


Love, love, love this shoot for about a million reasons. One – it is white as snow with injections of beautifully bright colours that really ‘pop’ as they say. Two – it is modern and keeps details to a minimum so that the styling is confident and direct: it packs a punch. Three – there is a GOLD PINEAPPLE CAKE!!! It’s the cutest thing!!



Metallics meets Vintage | A Bridal Shoot Mash-Up in Margate


You know what I like? Shiny things. And vintage bridal. And Margate. So this styled shoot ticks all these boxes and then does extra time. Sometimes the styling of vintage wedding attire stays very much within the same boundaries we’ve always seen, and so you can get ‘vintage blindness’ or even boredom. Which is a shame because I am a huge fan of preloved (case in point: owns a preloved bridal range…).

But the styling here looks firmly to the future, what with all that metallic going on, and that creates a new and arresting context for the vintage pieces. It’s reimagined and therefore brand new again. It’s innovative and clever, and I think you might just love it…



Oh, You Pretty Things 

becky ryan photography - alternative wedding photography_3191

There’s so much retro kitsch in this shoot!! I can’t love it enough!! Sugary shades, 1970s ornaments and furniture, 1950s hair and make-up, even my favourite the 1980s gets a look-in on the jewellery side.

The clash of all these works, and again proves you can bring together all the things you love at your wedding, no matter if they are wildly varying. Your wedding day is truly a day you can indulge your loves and passions and represent yourselves fully and eclectically in style. Do not hold back!

becky ryan photography - alternative wedding photography_3114


Fly Me To The Moon


As you know, I love a bit of futuristic wedding styling, so featuring this stunning shoot was always going to happen. Add in that it’s same-sex, well just come right in already…

It further illustrates that you don’t have to wear a dress, that it doesn’t have to be white, that you can adorn yourself with general fashion not only bridal fashion, and that you can wear whatever the hell you want to on your own wedding day.

The shoot was actually put together for Catalyst magazine’s photo contest with the theme ‘Moving Forward.’

Vanessa from Bridal Marché explains, “we shot at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed City Hall in Marin County, which basically took the look to a whole new level.  I envisioned a ’60s futuristic vibe with modern touches. To take it one step further, I also wanted to play around with colour and light to create a modern yet hazy feel.”


Glitter and Sparkle


You had me at the words ‘glitter’ and ‘styled shoot’. I mean, come on!! How perfect is this!! Stunningly editorial, which hits me square in the heart for starters, but also completely transferable to real life. Some of the things I love, as you know, dance in the realm of dreams and fantasy and you have to pick elements out for the more everyday context, but this here is that perfect harmony of ‘next level’ styling and doable. You will love this.