Glitter and Sparkle


You had me at the words ‘glitter’ and ‘styled shoot’. I mean, come on!! How perfect is this!! Stunningly editorial, which hits me square in the heart for starters, but also completely transferable to real life. Some of the things I love, as you know, dance in the realm of dreams and fantasy and you have to pick elements out for the more everyday context, but this here is that perfect harmony of ‘next level’ styling and doable. You will love this.



City Lights Bride


Set in and around the streets of Kuala Lumpur, this is an editorial that walks a line between grunge and glamour. The urban setting, with its grit and grime, adds an edgy energy to the contemporary styling. The sequins and silks in particular are fabulous against this backdrop, with the sequins glinting light into the darkness, and the satin lending its softness to the hard concrete greys.



Bright Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

Holly Collings Photography - Hannah Taylor Styling-53

The colours in this bright bohemian wedding inspiration shoot are hot, spicy, sultry and summery, and they will uplift you and transport you to exciting far off places…

Styled by Hannah Taylor Wedding Stylist, it features lots of vibrant tones mixed with Indian textiles, delicate lace, handpainted glass and stationery, and much more.

Hannah says,

“This is the perfect inspiration for free-spirited colourful themes such as Boho Bollywood, Boho Punk, Fairy Wonderland, and Bright Bohemian.”

Hannah designed the set and styled the shoot, creating and supplying the décor, textiles, flowers and stationery.

Holly Collings Photography - Hannah Taylor Styling-19 Holly Collings Photography - Hannah Taylor Styling-74 Holly Collings Photography - Hannah Taylor Styling-51


Elvis and Priscilla Get Married

Elvis Priscilla Wedding Shoot for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine Devlin Photos

The biggest thing I love about this shoot is that a female model plays both Priscilla and Elvis. I have a big thing for same-sex shoots, particularly where one role is masculine. It appeals to my interest in gender, sex, and sexuality (favourite degree module, back in the day!) and how all these can and do blur.

The fashion is also undeniably forward-looking, despite being inspired by the 1960s rock and roll era, what with its jumpsuits, decorated leather, and show stopping veils. This is how you do retro and inject it with tomorrow.


Art School – Crazily Colourful Wedding Inspiration

AKP - Art School - reduced size-72

If you know you want heaps of colour for your wedding day, you have just stumbled upon some pretty perfect inspiration, my friend. There is colour, and loud colour at that, in almost everything in our art influenced editorial styled shoot: from the flowers, to the cake, the dresses, even the groom’s suit!! This is ‘Art School’.

Lisa from Carmela Weddings and I had just finished our futuristic, conceptual shoot ‘The Other Space‘ and were keen to hook up once again, so I sent her the ‘Art School‘ idea board I’d been building. A fabulous team of suppliers was formed, and our ideas flowed as we bounced off each other, culminating in this beautiful shoot we are all incredibly proud of. It’s contemporary, bright and fresh, and perfect for spring and summer couples.

AKP - Art School - reduced size-25