Bright Bohemian Yurt Village Wedding


At the height of summer last year, Hannah married Cal in one of the coolest and most colourful weddings I have ever seen! Mashing up various elements, all of which were truly them, we are treated to some seriously fun wedding styling!!

And this wedding also gave me one of the sweetest ever answers to my question, ‘is there anything you would change about the day?’ Cal said, “the only thing I’d change is the space-time continuum in order to live that day over and over.”




Lego, Baywatch, and plenty of fun | Quirky Paradise By Way of Kensal Green Wedding


Nicole and Roshan’s civil ceremony and reception at Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green, London is the perfect example of a Way Out Wedding: no theme other than ‘everything we love in one go’.

Their main priority? Plenty of fun. The bride tells me,

“We wanted our family and friends to be relaxed and happy, and not feel like they had to be on their best behaviour. We had lyrics from the Baywatch theme tune as one of the readings – I’m a huge David Hasselhoff fan! It was funny to see our friends start laughing as they realised.”

The couple chose their venue after enjoying some great nights out there.

“Each time, we would discover an ornament or painting we hadn’t seen before.”

Definitely keep your mind open to venues because today almost anything goes. And what better place to marry, or have the reception in at least, than somewhere that is special to you both? It will be familiar, personal, and will take on an extra special meaning for ever…

nicole-and-roshan_my-beautiful-bride-33 nicole-and-roshan_my-beautiful-bride-38


Sailor Jerry and Tattoos Inspired Wedding


Nick and Jessica married in September 2015. Jessica says of the day, “our theme was kind of a mash up of things we liked.. mainly Sailor Jerry and tattoos.” There are so many gorgeous details (my favourite being the skull candlestick on the ceremony table), and loads of styling ideas to inspire you. And the coolest thing is that they did all of this on just £4,000!!

lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-47 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-56 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-61



lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-2 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-126 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-129


Colourful and Fun Maltese Wedding With a 1950s Edge

When wedding planners wed, you’re going to see some serious style, and this is certainly true of the lovely Lisa and Sam of Carmela Weddings! They had a summery wedding in Malta (one of my favourite places on the planet!!), with tons of colour and cute 1950s details. Lisa tells me it was a three-day event, with people coming out the night before and a beach day the day after the wedding. It looks like it was major fun!!
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