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Follow the Call of the Neon, Sequins and Disco Balls


In a world of weddingy weddings, be a disco ball. Be a neon sign. Be sequins, glitter and a mardi gras of brights. Deliver us from the everyday, PLEASE! The team that pulled this incredible shoot together has responded to that plea from so many couples and shown that there are suppliers out there who will produce such magic.

Ellie from Inner City Weddings, who conceptualised and styled the shoot, is here to tell the tale of how it all came about…


Colourful Trash the Dress at Derelict Power Station

Modern romance is kind of our whole vibe here at Way Out Wedding, so when we saw this edgy take on the ‘trash my dress’ theme, we fell a little bit in love. Shot in a derelict power station in Lancashire (bringing a plethora of new meanings to powerful imagery and the powerhouse suppliers behind this shoot), it’s a middle finger to tradition and a celebration of exhilirating newlywed romance. Who says you can’t spend your honeymoon period throwing a smokebomb at your wedding day outfit?

This shoot is deliciously gritty. The raw elements, graffiti’ed walls and some badass braids to complete the look make it perfect for the modern Way Out Bride, who’s looking to push boundaries, maybe push buttons and who isn’t afraid to go all out.


Last Night an Ellie Saved My Life


This post was going to be called ‘Way Out Wedding Expands’ or something equally lame. But that falls exceptionally short of what has actually happened behind the scenes here at the blog, so I changed it. Basically, a wedding industry firebrand by the name of Ellie Kime has saved Way Out Wedding from disappearing ‘down the dumper’ as Smash Hits might have had it. I said it’d be back after a break, but this is something else!!

Reading my blog, you will know Ellie as one of the team at A Most Curious Wedding Fair, the ‘biggest, coolest, indie style-focused wedding event in the UK’ that it’s fair (HA!) to say is my favourite. Remember last year’s ‘Pinktopia’? That was them. And this year is looking just as incredible.

Ellie is weddings-obsessed. In the GOOD way. She launched The Wedding Enthusiast this year (read more below) and is one of the nicest, friendliest, most hilarious and sunshiney people in the industry. And I am lucky enough to have secured her freelance services to help me with posts, newsletters, and The WOW Edit directory. And she is incredible. After only a few days, the schedule is getting full, the stats are rising and we are on track again. I am soooo happy!! Sorry, Ellie, if your ears have gone aflame and fallen off by this point, but you are AMAZING!!

I’ve interviewed her so you can see what I’m gushing about…

Wedding enthusiast


Modern Tropical Styled Shoot Inspired by London PRIDE


Love, love, love this shoot for about a million reasons. One – it is white as snow with injections of beautifully bright colours that really ‘pop’ as they say. Two – it is modern and keeps details to a minimum so that the styling is confident and direct: it packs a punch. Three – there is a GOLD PINEAPPLE CAKE!!! It’s the cutest thing!!



Media Kit 2017

Way Out Wedding Media Kit 2017 1

A little while ago, I posted about not being able to blog as much for a while and so moving over to Instagram, and I have to say thank you soooo much to everyone who sent me lovely messages of encouragement and virtual hugs – you are so cool!!

It did mean that I anticipated a fall in blog visits and so I called a halt to advertising. How could I accept money knowing readership would fall away?

Now what was really lovely was that people still wanted to work with me, getting in touch to suggest alternatives, such as Instagram campaigns (my Insta has grown loads since concentrating on it!!). This was a) a real confidence boost – I may be small, comparatively, but the brand is strong and was surviving this break, and b) incredibly heartening to know that so many in the wedding industry are supportive and want to have your back and help.

So after speaking to these lovely people and having a brainstorm as to how to still provide a bridge between my readers and suppliers while being more quiet, I’ve come up with a more niche range of ways to work with me and I’ve rethought my prices. I think you will like!!!