Some news! Way Out Wedding is moving mainly to Instagram for a bit. Long story short, I’m a parent carer and as such my time to work on the blog is dictated by the needs of my lovely children. Just lately it’s been increasingly impossible to work at all. With blogging, you wear all the department hats of any small business: commissioning; writing; marketing; advertising; finance; etc. And when it’s just you on your own with minimal outsourcing, well that there is a full-time job and then some. People think it’s a lovely hobby, but it is a job like any other! And one that’s really difficult to balance with children, let alone if they have extra needs.

So, brains have been well and truly wracked here as to what to do… I don’t want to fold the blog completely. It’s growing all the time, organically and steadily, and I’ve really settled into my style after four years of doing this. I’ve made so many friends with inspirational creatives in the industry, many of whom I count as close friends now. And I’ve been nominated and highly commended in a fair few industry awards – well proud of that! It’s been a blast. So yes, not up for folding it!! But I do need to go with the flow and that flow is a tidal wave just at the moment rather than surf waves.

Going over to social media mainly for the time being will allow me to keep delivering what I know you love best and that’s modern and style-led wedding inspiration. As you know from my blog posts, I’m more a visual person than a writer – although I seem to be waffling a fair bit at the moment ha! – and these platforms will let me quickly and regularly bring you gorgeous and inspirational images, plus share via Facebook posts from other blogs I know you’ll love.

I’ll be finishing off some already scheduled posts, and from time to time I may feature quicky posts, if time permits. But for now, I leave you with an increase of Instagram and Pinterest images to delight you! I shall return…

As Marty McFly says…

All right guys, this is a blues riff in ‘B’, watch me for the changes, and try and keep up, okay?


I ♥ Hermione de Paula


I’ve had Hermione de Paula on my heart-eyes radar for ages, and thought it was about time I showed you in full just what I love about her modern designs.

I adore the playful details such as the wedding day date embroidered right there into the design, as above, and the confident sexiness of that thigh-high split (below) dealing an unexpected sucker-punch just when you thought it was a reasonably conservative dress.

On her website, it sums up her ethos better than I can:

“Working more as an artist than a typical fashion designer, Hermione celebrates the flora and fauna of the landscape around us: secret messages combine with flowers in disguise and paradisiacal prints for you to find.”

And Harpers Bazaar US said,

“Her flair for ‘Romantic Surrealism’ results in designs that surprise upon closer inspection.”

Now if that doesn’t leave you aching to see more, I don’t know what to do with you.


Bright Bohemian Yurt Village Wedding


At the height of summer last year, Hannah married Cal in one of the coolest and most colourful weddings I have ever seen! Mashing up various elements, all of which were truly them, we are treated to some seriously fun wedding styling!!

And this wedding also gave me one of the sweetest ever answers to my question, ‘is there anything you would change about the day?’ Cal said, “the only thing I’d change is the space-time continuum in order to live that day over and over.”




Charla Tedrick – Awesome Alternative Bridal Shoes


I have been absolutely dying to show you these shoes from Charla Tedrick for ages. When I was organising our Prom Night editorial, seen here on Bespoke Bride, I spied the amazing Blaire platforms (a pastel blue, perfectly kitschy platform that just screamed ’70s prom to me) and I asked to borrow them. Alas, I had left it too late to battle things like shipping times, but lovely Charla sent over the equally showstopping Lucille and Diamonds & Guns (loving the names!!) for our upcoming pretty punk editorial.

When they arrived, the team was blown away with how sexy fit cool amazing they were. Lucille has flowers in a clear heel, for crying out loud!!

I knew this was a brand that you all had to hear about. So here is Charla to tell you in her own words all about it!

Ooh actually just quickly before I hand over, two exciting things:

  1. There is a discount code further down this post for you
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Six Reasons to have a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Newhaven Wedding Photographer LR-9836

I’ve long been an advocate of the pre-wedding (AKA engagement) shoot, as not only do you get to meet your photographer but on a more relaxed day than your wedding day, it also gives you an awesome set of photos during those heady days before you tie the knot.

Today’s post comes from Erika of PhotoMadly, a Way Out Wedding favourite, and she’s talking about all the reasons you should totally have this kind of shoot!! Over to Erika!