Art School – Crazily Colourful Wedding Inspiration

AKP - Art School - reduced size-72

If you know you want heaps of colour for your wedding day, you have just stumbled upon some pretty perfect inspiration, my friend. There is colour, and loud colour at that, in almost everything in our art influenced editorial styled shoot: from the flowers, to the cake, the dresses, even the groom’s suit!! This is ‘Art School’.

Lisa from Carmela Weddings and I had just finished our futuristic, conceptual shoot ‘The Other Space‘ and were keen to hook up once again, so I sent her the ‘Art School‘ idea board I’d been building. A fabulous team of suppliers was formed, and our ideas flowed as we bounced off each other, culminating in this beautiful shoot we are all incredibly proud of. It’s contemporary, bright and fresh, and perfect for spring and summer couples.

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How to choose your wedding day make-up artist 

MUA Make-up artist wedding day make-up

Today, one of Way Out Wedding’s recommended make-up artists (MUA), Amy Pike, brings you some amazing tips for how to choose one for your wedding day. On a day where you want to be your very best and most glamorous self, navigating the myriad looks open to you can seem like a daunting task. I’ve got a whole board of make-up looks on Pinterest, and I know it’s easy to get carried away and end up with no direction or focus and feel even more confused than when you began…

So, this is why I’ve brought in the expert to help advise and guide you! Over to Amy…


The Miss Bush Bridal 2017 Lookbook


I caught some of the shots from the Miss Bush Bridal 2017 lookbook on Instagram, and was immediately hooked. Sometimes dresses are shot in a studio and so the lookbook just looks a bit static and lifeless; endless images that all end up looking the same and you can’t tell one from another.

Not so with this shoot…

These gowns are brought to life and given a context, in fact a back story, based on what actual visitors to The Chapel (where Miss Bush Bridal lives) have said, and the thoughts and inspirations these things sparked in M.D. Emma’s imagination.

And I love the ethos of the company – that it’s not just about one person, but more that it’s a team of creatives who’ve broken through the ‘professional distance’ boundary into a blurred swirl of friends and collaborators, of family and colleagues, and that this has meant the creativity has blended and risen to a different level. There’s an intimacy to these images that you only get when a team does this. And it’ll make you connect with the beautiful dresses so much more…



Madame B’s Boutique 2017 Collection

Handmade bridal headpieces oxfordshire

I love the headpieces Beth of Madame B’s Boutique makes (and have featured them several times) – always quirky, definitely whimsical, and perfect for alternative brides, and so today I am really pleased to show you the new 2017 collection.

Following a sneak preview at the Chosen Wedding Fair in London, Beth is launching her new 2017 collection of wedding accessories today!!

Look out for the 10% discount code exclusive to Way Out Wedding readers at the end of the post!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair 2017 Plus Tips on Getting The Most Out Of It!!


It’s all very well doing a post on an upcoming alternative wedding fair, but what you really want is tips on getting the most out of it, maximising your time at the event so that you get as much sorted as you can.

I’ve championed A Most Curious Wedding Fair since I started this blog, eek four years ago!! It’s more than modern; it’s ahead. And with things like The Jugglist Massive, it’s a cheerleader of strong working mums everywhere who get the seemingly impossible done while handling a million things at once. It’s an amazing team behind this…

Becky Hoh-Hale, who runs Most Curious has more information below, along with some practical tips on how to get the most out of attending. And check out the amazing campaign shots – I just love the styling!!!

A Most Curious Wedding Fair Alternative Bride