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Gothic Woodland Bridal Inspiration

Woodland weddings aren’t just for the sunny summer months, and they don’t have to be all about the bohemian look. This inspiration shoot today shows you how good darker shades and more gothic elements can look for your wedding day. And I love that the dress is white and blue, it’s not black, and it contrasts and complements brilliantly the deeper colours and details.

fernfield_wow34 fernfield_wow55


Chic Gothic Styled Shoot

Goth wedding-194

Although this is a gothic shoot, there’s an uplifting and bright, airy feel to it. Its accessible styling means that you can recreate all or any of the gothic elements here without having to be full-on dark and brooding. I love the energy that creates – it’s a truly elegant and unique shoot.

Goth wedding-141

Goth wedding-060


Rococo Rosa Styled Shoot

Rococo Rosa-014
A rococo gothic fusion of a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot with a suspended cake and a floral collar? You know I was all over this one!!


Rococo Rosa-046
Rococo Rosa-006 Rococo Rosa-010 Rococo Rosa-011 Rococo Rosa-013 Rococo Rosa-015 Rococo Rosa-017

The Story of the Shoot by Edwina of Rosewood Cakes

We are a group of creatives who were looking to do an artistic shoot where we could really push the boundaries with our work. We were aiming for something opulent, extravagant and outlandish, and which icon could better convey this theme than Marie Antoinette: a woman who decorated her hair with boats and birds? All the individual aspects of the styling needed to be lavish in a manner befitting our muse. The end result was a fusion of rococo and gothic drama, brilliantly captured in contrasting light and dark tones by Tandem Photography. We have flower collars, suspended cakes and pure beauty in these photos.

Sumptuous period costumes were sourced from a theatre for authenticity, with heavy material ornately decorated with shimmering baroque patterns.


Gatsby at Midnight Styled Bridal Shoot


Gatsby styling has really, really taken off since the release of the Baz Luhrmann movie in 2013. The decadence and free-spirited libertinism very much fit wedding celebrations: the feeling that you are at the most swell party ever, and you’re the legendary star of the show. Not hard to see the enduring appeal!

And now a few years have passed, here’s a different direction for the Gatsby theme – a positively gothic one (which taps into the darker themes of the book and film, I suppose). In fact, it also reminds me of Interview With the Vampire in its feel. What a gorgeous mash-up of styles and themes!! I love featuring these styled shoots – there’s no end to the creativity of today’s wedding suppliers.




Dark bridal boudoir


This isn’t the first time I’ve featured Kel Ward’s work, and it sure isn’t the last. I loooove her style!! I think I must ask her monthly if I can feature her!! This time, it’s a boudoir shoot, but rather than being whiter than white, this one dances with the darkness (particularly with the model Hailey’s Twin Peaks tattoo). It also has a neat nod towards sci-fi, what with that covetable metallic crop-top. That’s what I see, anyway! And you just know these are the details that turn my alternative-loving head…


The Story of the Shoot by Kel

“I love bridal sessions, but really wanted to mix things up for this shoot with Hailey, since she’s so non-traditional. Instead of the typical white for veil and lingerie, we opted for black. I made the skirt and veil, while Hailey, a fashion blogger, supplied the rest of the items from her own closet.

“The session was done in my natural light studio in Portland, Oregon and was shot as a hybrid session, meaning both film and digital cameras were used.

“The make-up, which was done by Nicole Muñoz, complemented the hairstyle and tattoos perfectly.”