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I follow ReeRee Rockette on pretty much all of her social media platforms. Not in some scary way! It’s just that she’s properly inspirational in her style, her outlook, the verve with which she writes and creates images, the business drive, the support of other women in business, everything, so it’s hard not to want to see absolutely all the stuff she puts out there if you’re in any way interested in style, being awesome, working for yourself, having a damn good laugh along the way.

ReeRee Rockette
ReeRee Rockette

Time Out described Rockalily Cuts (the salon ReeRee owns) in the best possible way ever (love this quotation!):

It’s like a sleepover at Frenchie from Grease’s house – if she hadn’t dropped out of beauty school.

I got in touch with ReeRee to see if her salon has many brides come in for styling for the big day. Course they do! And grooms, too. Right, game on for a feature on Way Out Wedding, I thought.

Photography by Ki Price
Twila and Leo. Photography by Ki Price
Rose Thorn. Photography by Soul Stealer
Rose Thorn. Photography by Soulstealer

WOW: How do you and your brides work together to  come up with their big day look?
ReeRee: It varies so much. Some of our brides have a very fixed idea, and usually will email plenty of photos to help them describe what they’re after. Other brides are really open to our suggestions. Everyone’s hair is so unique that getting too fixed on one photo may end up in disappointment if it just won’t be possible with your hair type. If a bride is a regular customer, which is often the case, they may not even bother with a trial day, because we already know what works with their hair. Some of our brides come for their wedding hair colour and/or cut in the week running up to the wedding because their weddings may be too far away for them to visit the salon on the day. They’ll then have a different stylist, or just themselves on the day.

Cerian and Tom. Photography by Emma Lucy Photography
Cerian and Tom. Photography by Emma Lucy Photography

WOW: What do you do if a bride wants something you suspect wouldn’t suit her?
ReeRee: I don’t think any hairstyle ‘doesn’t suit’ someone, but if it won’t work on her hair type, or even if we just think we may have a more successful suggestion, we always just have a chat about it until we’re all in agreement. We all want the same outcome – a blushing bride with hair that looks great all day.

Steve et al. Photography by We Heart Pictures
Steve et al. Photography by We Heart Pictures

WOW: Do you style the grooms, too?
ReeRee: Yes, we do! We’ve had grooms book in to have their hair styled into a quiffed do just for the occasion. I think the men are wanting more of the wedding action! We recently had a groom and his groomsmen all come in for their hair styled before their wedding, and they even brought the photographer, just like a bride would do.


WOW: What made you set up Rockalily Cuts?
ReeRee: A passion to create a career that I’d love, and that would be a balance of fun and successful! I felt I could create something that was a different offering to what was already available, and I believed the concept would work. I’m driven by business, but it has to be a business I’m interested in, and making people feel awesome is a fun business to be in!



WOW: What’s your own personal favourite style and why?
ReeRee: I’m a big believer in effort. I can appreciate effort in almost any style or taste, and just enjoy seeing people who have given a thought to how they want to look. Having a style is always better than no style. I find it hard to understand when people get no pleasure out of the visual image they can create with themselves.

Rockalily 2

WOW: What inspires your own look?
ReeRee: So many things! I’d say I was influenced by the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s, as well as more modern twists on punk and rock ‘n’ roll. I enjoy playing with fashion, and can look quite different day by day! I’m currently enjoying a more ‘trashobilly’ look.

Rockalily 5

WOW: Do you have a motto?
ReeRee: I probably have quite a few! My favourites are probably ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’ and ‘This too shall pass’.

Rockalily 4

WOW: What did/would your own wedding look like?
ReeRee: I’m currently single, so no wedding plans just yet! I’d imagine it’d be in Las Vegas, though! Bright, colourful, and with little or no tradition.

Las Vegas Cupid's Wedding Chapel by Charlene Precious on Etsy
Las Vegas Cupid’s Wedding Chapel by Charlene Precious on Etsy

WOW: Tell us about your other ventures.
ReeRee: Along with running the salon, I write a blog about my style, business, feminism, self-esteem, tattoos, and whatever else pops in my brain. I also write a column for tattoo magazine Things and Ink, and have written for Vintage Life, as well as guest posted for many business blogs. I run a small business group for women, and have given talks to other groups such as the Women’s Institute.

WOW: Thank you so much. Such a fantastic interview! See? You have to follow Rockalily Cuts and everything ReeRee Rockette. Inspiring.

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You can find ReeRee Rockette at the following: website; Twitter; more Twitter!; Facebook; Instagram; more Instagram!

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