I’ve got the perfect styled shoot to show you today what with spring having finally arrived. Yes, yes, yes!!

The soft colour scheme with splashes of hot pink and the fresh outdoors setting will cheer you right up.

What’s beautiful about this shoot is that the team behind this had no budget. I love that! I’m planning some styled shoots for this year, and I’ve been worrying that there’s no budget, really, but this has completely shown me that you just don’t need one to create soulful, meaningful and inspirational images full of beauty and love.

I also love that there are radishes in the lovely bouquets. Hats off to florist Josy-Posy there!

The photography is by the lovely Paola De Paola, who has captured something really special in these pictures. Sit back and enjoy a day in the country…


PaolaDePaola_FedGui_09 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_26 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_40

The vision of this photo shoot was to capture the pure feeling between two lovely brides.
Paola De Paola


PaolaDePaola_FedGui_18 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_32 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_07 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_39 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_28 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_13

 We’ve worked with quite a few girls now who are marrying girls, and I hear so often that they are not catered for in magazines, or that suppliers feel uneasy that they are gay. So, we decided to do a photo shoot that is beautiful and classic, and not patronising.

Ali Rouse of Unique Dress

PaolaDePaola_FedGui_03 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_11 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_16 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_24 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_29 PaolaDePaola_FedGui_37

Roll Credits
Photography by Paola De Paola
Hair and make-up by Cristina Pala
Flowers by Jo Leslie
Dresses by Ali Rouse
Models: Federica and Giulia


The Gallery


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