Hey! Well, that’s another week into April already. Where is this year going?! I’ve really been loving the summery sunshine and the cool breezes. I’ve not been loving the wasps. They’re just horrible! And early! I’ve told them to push off, but they’re having none of it. Apart from failed wasp whispering, I’ve not been up to a great deal, struck down as I am with another fluey virus and feeling a bit sorry for myself. So, here’s this week’s roundup of what I thought you might like to see from the worlds of weddings, business and DIY. It’s certainly cheered me up as I cough and splutter my way through the month!


Cecelina Photography

The Weddings

Baloolah Bunting




Koman Photography


The Business

The Music
Cannot believe it’s been 20 years since Kurt Cobain died. I wanted to put Molly’s Lips on here because my husband and I had it playing at our wedding reception, but it doesn’t have a video, so I can’t. Here’s Sliver. Awesome.

My plans for next week include pondering how I’d like the blog to look as part of its redesign. I keep thinking of breaking away from the traditional blog format and having it more like a website, perhaps a magazine layout…and then swinging back towards going for a blog style. These are tricky decisions. What do you think? Are you used to seeing your wedding blogs in this format and prefer it to remain this way? Or are you ready for a different look?

And, of course, have a happy and fun Easter. Big, big love to all my lovely readers!