Dear wesleyann photography
Dear Wesleyann Photography

Hello, summer people! Are you enjoying the season so far? It’s been all lovely and breezy with sunshine here, which I way prefer to sweltering mugginess, obviously. Looks like it’ll be a cracker of a summer this year.

You might have noticed that I’ve added to the blog’s lifestyle section. Being the super fidget that I am, it’s already undergone a name change from Love Life to Way Out Life as I get it just right for the blog’s overall feel and branding. Long story short, I co-wrote another blog called Oh Bambini about kids’ décor, fashion, crafts, as well as parents-to-be stuff like bump photo shoots, and I kept thinking should I incorporate that into a mini-site here on Way Out Wedding rather than have it stuck out on a separate site…


Way Out Life

I’ve heard it said that people reading wedding blogs aren’t remotely interested in babies and all that, but from what I’ve seen, lots of you already have families by the time you wed. It’s a whole area I love to write about, anyway, because there’s just so much gorgeous stuff and creativity out there. So, look out for Way Out Life posts on Saturdays, a category that now also has family stuff alongside the fashion, the art, and the design. It won’t dilute the wedding posts, it’ll just be another section of gorgeousness to coo over!

The Weddings, etc.


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