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With Hallowe’en creeping up on us, what better time to show a styled shoot with the gothic overtones of Edgar Allan Poe? I’ve lost my head (not sorry about these puns at all) over the styling with lots of skulls, both animal and human, a raven, ruins, the dark bouquet, and the most beautiful cascading dresses that look so divine at the same time as also looking faded and distressed – how have you done that?! The main dress, in particular, reminds me of my two very favourite designers: Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. With touches of John Galliano and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Basically, it’s awesome. And the bridesmaid’s dress is just on the right side of sweet but toughened up with the peacock feather ruff and hair pin and also the purple platform boots. This is bold stuff.

Poe-146 copy

Poe-128 copy Poe-105 copy

If you love your gothic literature and imagery, you could incorporate many of the details from this shoot into your own wedding styling, easily. If you wanted a subtle nod, I would take the wedding dress and perhaps the pages of the novel made into bunting, or the deep, dark bouquet tones. In fact, just one or two of the elements shown would be enough for people to get the gist. Plenty here to choose from!

Poe-42 copy

Poe-16 copy Poe-169 copy Poe-45 copy Poe-48 copy Poe-113 copy Poe-104 copy Poe-136 copy Poe-95 copy

I think I would personally recreate the entire look if I were to renew my vows any time soon!

Which of these divine details are your favourite? Are you having a gothic twist to your day? What else would you add? Let me know! 

Roll Credits

Styling & Design – French Knot Studios // frenchknotstudios
Hair – Lindsay Nix for Keratin Complex // hairbynix
Floral Design – Madame Chrysanthemum // sassymissc
Invitations – dot jim
MUA – Rebecca Wash
Jewellery – Gaucho
Dress Designer – Mangled Courtesan // itsapriljohnston


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