Such a classy and modern wedding for you today! The palette is bright and fun, and the theme done with a light touch so that it adds interest and continuity rather than overshadowing the day. I love the quirky details like the Batman cufflinks, and I love how crazy in love Gosia and Tymek are: every photo of them shows two best friends laughing and being happy. It’s gorgeous! And those blue shoes with that divine dress – WOW! What a beauty of a bride!

Gosia+Tymek_13032015_eva-photography_00016 Gosia+Tymek_13032015_eva-photography_00012

From the Photographer

“Gosia and Tymek got married on Friday 13th of March (they say that they are both unlucky enough, and things always happen to them, that it could be the only appropriate date!) in Szczecin, Poland.

“The wedding theme was navy and white polka dot (plus Tymek is obsessed with Batman and wore super cool batman cufflinks and boxer shorts).

“Gosia’s dress was probably the biggest investment – it was tailor made by a local designer. She wore it with blue stilettos, white leather jacket and polka dot clutch bag. They both got ready together at home, and were driven to the register shopantibioticsonline.com office by their friend (and the witness for the wedding) in his vintage Mercedes.

“The party was very small and intimate, practically family only (friends were invited for a bash in the club the following night) and held in the Greek restaurant. And of course the cake was white & blue polka dot! They organised and prepared everything on their own, including the little gift boxes with sweets for all the guests. It was a very relaxed day, as they wanted it to be just fun and celebration instead of stressing about lots of details or traditions.

“If you’re wondering about the anatomical model of the heart on the ring shot – last year Tymek gave this heart to Gosia on a silver platter together with a star from the sky, which was a piece of a meteorite!”

Gosia+Tymek_13032015_eva-photography_00027 Gosia+Tymek_13032015_eva-photography_00029


From the Couple

“We met though our friends, who apparently set it up knowing that we might like each other. They were right and things just happened super quick – after a month we lived together, and after three we got engaged. We would probably have got married earlier than we did (at six months), but there were no good dates available in the register office.

“We just knew right away that this was it and we want to grow old together.

“On that first night, Tymek heard me singing karaoke and still married me, so that must be true love!

“We’d known each other for just three months when one day we were talking about some current events and just agreed that we will always be together. We thought about getting married instantly. It was just obvious. Soon after, we got a date in the register office and then Tymek did the official romantic bit with a dinner, candles, kneeling and a ring. So we did it a bit backwards!

“The ceremony took place at the register office located in the Dukes of Pomerania Castle in Szczecin, Poland, with the reception in Greek restaurant, El Greco.

“We decided to go for delicious food more than anything – there’s nothing worse on a wedding day than bad food and hungry guests! After our first dinner in El Greco, we knew that was the place we wanted to invite our friends and family to. Researching other places only confirmed it was a good choice. The size and location of the restaurant were additional advantages – it was just perfect for a wedding for 30 and it’s in Gosia’s old neighbourhood.

“For the wedding, we invited just a couple of closest friends and our families. The party for all friends was organised the following night in our favourite rock club Hormon – we just ordered some catering and danced the night away.

“Navy and white polka dot was the style, but in the end we ended up with different shades of blue and black, too. The bouquet was ordered without specifics – we just said that we wanted it to be red and totally trusted our florist, which absolutely paid off – she did a wonderful job.

“From the start, we knew that we didn’t want a big wedding, and we were paying for it ourselves so the budget was tight. As it turns out, planning the wedding is just like house refurbishment – always add 30% on top of your initial budget. We just focused on what was important for us and ignored fashionable wedding trends and gadgets. It was actually fun to chase the details that we liked and were affordable. We didn’t have a bridal party at all (which is actually normal in Poland), so that definitely reduced the costs, as well.

“Exchanging the vows was our favourite moment – we did the standard ones, but saying them to each other was beautiful, touching and magical. We could do it again and again.

“There were no disasters. In spite of the date (Friday the 13th), nothing bad happened!

“Regarding the first dance, we didn’t plan one at all – it was totally spontaneous and frankly we don’t even remember what we danced to!

“Advice for brides- and grooms-to-be? During the wedding preparations, it’s important to remember that this is a day for you and not for others. We tried to have fun doing it and not to stress too much, especially with things we had no control over. We just wanted the food to be delicious, the music to be great (our friend was the DJ for the night), and to have a good company.”


Photography – Eva Photography
Venues – ceremony at the register office in the Dukes of Pomerania Castle in Szczecin, Poland;  reception in the greek restaurant El Greco
Bride – own design and made by Katarzyna Hubi?ska Pasja; MUA Anna Skrzypska; shoes by Badura; biker jacket by C&A
Groom – suit by VISTULA; shoes by Gino Rossi; shirt by Willsoor; cufflinks (Batman for the wedding day and ‘I love my wife’) for the next day found on Allegro (polish auctioning service)
Flowers – Kwiaciarnia Sote