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A rococo gothic fusion of a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot with a suspended cake and a floral collar? You know I was all over this one!!


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The Story of the Shoot by Edwina of Rosewood Cakes

We are a group of creatives who were looking to do an artistic shoot where we could really push the boundaries with our work. We were aiming for something opulent, extravagant and outlandish, and which icon could better convey this theme than Marie Antoinette: a woman who decorated her hair with boats and birds? All the individual aspects of the styling needed to be lavish in a manner befitting our muse. The end result was a fusion of rococo and gothic drama, brilliantly captured in contrasting light and dark tones by Tandem Photography. We have flower collars, suspended cakes and pure beauty in these photos.

Sumptuous period costumes were sourced from a theatre for authenticity, with heavy material ornately decorated with shimmering baroque patterns.

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The venue, St Andrews in the Square, was perfect for the shoot, with its exquisitely gilded embellishments on the ceiling and walls, golden chandeliers, and beautiful stained glass windows.

Floral Menagerie ingeniously constructed an abundance of roses into a floral collar, accentuating the grandiose tone of the shoot. The sumptuous berry tones of the rich roses perfectly balanced the golds and graphic shades of the photos.

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An ostentatious cake by Rosewood Cakes was flamboyantly suspended from the ceiling, hand-painted in a shimmering gold lustre with rococo flourishes detailed in an old gold. Handmade sugar roses, peonies and trailing sweetpeas hung from the base of the cake.

Rococo Rosa-052

Make-up by Laura Gray was styled with a slight geisha context, with the white eyelashes contrasting beautifully with the bold colours. Model Sian’s hair was curled and intertwined with a large whitened wig, and elaborately decorated with strings of pearls, birds and butterflies, created by Modiste.

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Sian skilfully conveyed nonchalance, regality and vulnerability, which credibly allowed synthesis of the separate aspects of the shoot.

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Photography – Tandem Photo
Flowers – Floral Menagerie
Accessories – Modiste
Venue – St Andrews in the Square
Model – Sian Finlayson

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