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You all know I have a major piece of my heart that belongs to vintage and preloved bridal, so I was thrilled to have Kate Beavis from the National Vintage Wedding Fair submit this piece on why vintage dresses rock, along with a beautiful styled editorial, shot by Claire Macintyre

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Over to Kate…

With the amount of amazing, creative, independent wedding dress designers in the UK, it’s easy to think that an original vintage wedding dress has had its day. But we at The National Vintage Wedding Fair have never been so passionate about authentic gowns, for their history and design, as well as the fact that they are unique.

Here are just some reasons why a vintage wedding dress still rocks…

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They create a feeling of nostalgia

Every vintage wedding dress comes with its own story: a love story. A 1940s dress will have been lovingly made from rationed fabric or recycled from an earlier dress. It will have been worn at a wedding during the war, maybe before the groom left to fight. Just think of the emotions that will have gone into that dress.

A late 1960s dress will have been worn by an original boho bride, with flowers in her hair and maybe even bare feet. Maybe she met her beau at a festival, fell in love and ran off to enjoy an intimate wedding.

Whatever the story, your vintage wedding dress has a real sense of history that adds an extra dose of romance into proceedings.

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They are unique

Be like no other bride (except the original bride) on your wedding day by wearing a one-off dress, from an era long ago. Surprise your guests by wearing something unique that will look amazing in the photos, and more importantly feel like ‘you’. You can follow trends, if you wish, by finding a gown that fits into a 2017 look as so many allude to the past. And if you want to rock a look like your hero did, be it a 1970s Stevie Nicks dress or a 1950s Audrey Hepburn ballerina length dress, then this is achievable with vintage.

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They are ethical

If you care about how your dress has been made, then a vintage one will be one of the most ethical choices. If it’s pre-1960s, it’s probably handmade here in the UK, often using material from previous dresses. After 1960s, they may well be made overseas, but by choosing vintage you are recycling – the ultimate ethical choice.

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They are affordable

Of course, some rare designer vintage pieces can be expensive, but on the whole a vintage dress will be an affordable option for your big day. On average, expect to pay up to £300 for a 1960s-1980s dress and up to £800 for an earlier design. And knowing that it’s unique and ethical, this really makes it a great option.

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Whatever era you choose, wearing a vintage wedding dress is a great way to show your personality. Find your dream dress at one of our fairs this season, with ten locations to choose from. Visit vintageweddingfair.co.uk for more details


Photography | Claire Macintyre Photography

Styling and dresses | Kate Beavis from The National Vintage Wedding Fair

Accessories | Cherished

Model | Dakota Hunt

HMUA | Sophie Murray

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  • I agree 100% with what Kate said in this article. Why would you wear the same dress as so many other brides on your wedding day when you can wear something unique, fabulous and meaningful?

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