One of the key things you think about when planning your wedding is how you might wear your hair. Whether you’ll have an up-do, or go bohemian, whether you’ll have a fancy new style, or remain faithful to your everyday look.

But what if you’ve lost your hair? Perhaps because of medical treatment, stress, or in gorgeous Megan’s case as a result of Alopecia Areata. Or even if you’ve just shaved the lot off! Not many styling tips exist for those with no hair…

This shoot from photographer Sandra Chile moves in the direction of changing this, and makes a statement that you can do so much to feel fabulous on your wedding day, hair or no.

Beauty is an infinite spectrum and there are styling options for all.

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The Story of the Shoot by Photographer Sandra Chile

Body image is something we all struggle with. Personally, I have struggled with weight issues my entire life; I have starved myself, I have exercised myself to death until I finally decided to embrace my current curvylicious self.


Because in a society led by fitness maniacs, diet pills, shakes, plastic surgery obsessions, unrealistic media expectations, and extensive emphasis on corrective make-up (hello, contouring), we’ve been told that the value of each individual relies strictly on looks.

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What a disgusting lie! So as a photographer, I’m always faced with the need to digitally ‘perfect’ the human body, a body that’s already perfect in its nature, and I’m one photographer who believes that what makes people pretty is who they are, and how they embrace candid life, with emotions and funny faces (and not how smooth their skin is, how white their teeth can be, nor how many stretch marks they ‘don’t’ have).

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But what happens when you don’t fit the standard? Since she was eight years old, my model Megan has suffered from Alopecia Areata, a condition that affects 6.6 million Americans, and 8 million people in the UK, and makes them hairless. When I discovered this, rather than covering her head with a wig, or a veil, I decided to embrace the baldness, as a statement of beauty.

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The beautiful dresses and accessories of Kata Banko Couture, the amazing flowers of Sapphire & Lace, and the support and talent of Mashaida Tran came along to enhance this styled photo shoot.

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Together, we want to go against the emphasis the wedding industry puts on hair, and by making a ‘bold’ statement of beauty without boundaries, we want to be an inspiration to anyone struggling with their looks (especially owing to a medical condition), because anyone can be gorgeous, regardless of our shape!



Photography | Sandrachile

Model and MUA | Megan Michelle Jones

Gown, belt and gold headpiece | Kata Banko Couture

Silver headpiece by Mashaida Train from Anywhere and Somewhere Photography

Bouquet and flower crown | Sapphire & Lace Events and Designs