OK, I’ll be honest with you. Before I started making veils, I’d never really considered wearing one on my wedding day. I thought they were kinda traditional, kinda boring, kinda out-dated, not for me. But oh, how wrong I was! I got engaged in July 2016 and soon after, as every cool AF millennial bride-to-be does, I set up my Pinterest board, ready for my quest to seek wedding inspiration. I noticed that the veil has had a real resurgence in recent bridal trends. I was particularly researching around bohemian weddings, and it seemed the veil was the real statement piece that the bride was rocking. The days of the veil having old-fashioned connotations symbolising purity and chastity have long gone, but did you know the ancient Greeks used the veil to ward off evil spirits and protect the bride? Pretty cool right, ‘cause who needs bad vibes on their big day? Not you. Veils are back with a bang, and the possibilities are endless. But with different lengths, colours, trimmings, tiers, embellishments and fabrics, how do you decipher which veil is for you?

I believe that accessories are the exclamation point of an outfit, a way for you to inject your personality and put your own stamp on your bridal style, so a veil is an ideal way to personalise your wedding look. Besides that, they look great in photos, too! If you’re a quirky bride, a veil would be a fun and easy way to add a pop of colour that ties in with your colour scheme (or doesn’t, if you want to really stand out!). W Collective offers sugary sweet pastel coloured veils, or ombré veils custom dyed to any colour so you can have some fun with your look.

But it’s not just colour you have to consider – do you want to up the glam factor with some crystal embellishment? Or how about some gorgeous 24k gold or rose gold leaf for a gorgeous, ethereal glimmer? It doesn’t stop there; you’ve got to consider trimmings too, maybe a ribbon or a delicate lace edge trim? And what about the length – long and dramatic or short and sweet? OK, don’t panic! The best way to work out the finer details is to look at the bigger picture, mostly your dress and wedding theme, or general vibe.

Your veil is there to complement but not overshadow your dress, so think about the detail on your dress and that should help you to decide on what length to go for. If your dress is busy at the bottom, you might want to go for a shorter length to show off your dress details, or if you decide on a longer veil you could opt for a lighter shade of tulle to ensure your dress can be seen through the veil. Again, consider the detail in your dress when choosing a veil with a trim. If your dress has detail around the train, ensure you choose a trim that complements it, or make sure the veil length is longer than your train so it flows perfectly as you walk down the aisle – your bridesmaids will help you with this.

If you’re getting your dress from a bridal shop, they will of course have a selection of veils for you to try on. I tried on a few veil styles at the wedding dress shop to get an idea of what went with my dress (and to be polite, of course), but knew I’d be making my own (although I still haven’t decided which kind to go for!), so don’t feel obliged to purchase a veil there and then, give yourself a little longer to go over the finer details. If your wedding has a theme, research around that to see what kind of veil would fit in. Each decade has offered us a definitive wedding style, from the long bohemian veils in the 1920s to chic short polka dot veils in the ’60s. Find an historical figure who you feel is your spirit bride (mine is Priscilla Presley) and let her inspire you.

Much like your dress, when it comes to the veil you will just know when you find the right one. There are no hard and fast rules for choosing the perfect veil, so my best advice would be to choose something you adore, feel amazing in, and will cherish forever… And if it helps to ward off evil spirits too, well that’s just fabulous.

This post was by Jess from W Collective who is a member of The W Edit