If you’re a person with at least one working eye and a finger on the pulse, you’ll have heard of Ritual Unions. The Berlin-based bridal brand have been ALL OVER our radar for months, but this month was their crowning glory so far, with a stand at Most Curious‘ London show that earned them the title of bridalNEXT! winner, and with a two-week long trunk show in our favourite boutique, Rock The Frock.

So, why does the world love them so much, us included? Well, Karolina & Karin, the shit hot duo behind the brand, are exactly what bridal has needed for SO LONG. They’re a delightful breath of fresh air, a gulp of something fiery and exciting. They take traditional bridal elements and turn them on their head, so they’re still present and there, yet presented in a super exciting and enigmatic way.

Think the highest quality silk, lace and tulle, but mixed with contemporary geometric lines and constructed cuts. Think traditional corsets, but in embroidered tulle and visible boning. Think vintage elements, like pin tucks, ruff collars and lace scallops, but alongside bondage accessories. As the SS 2018 collection ‘Oxytocin’ is inspired by the complexity of emotions – oxytocin is the hormone released in the brain when experiencing love, for all you science fans out there – the organic process is also reflected in three-dimensional lace appliqu├ęs and soft silhouettes. Together, this results in playful romance with a totally dark and gritty edge, in the form of separates, overlays, dresses and jumpsuits.

And if the visuals and the quality weren’t enough, Karin, the designer, used to work for Marchesa…I’ll just let those swathes of fluff envelop your memory for a second… Ritual Unions also ensures fair conditions and sustainability in all of their pieces and processes. Their collection is a creative, captivating look for a truly modern bride, inspired by mysticism, psyche and society. They ask what marriage actually means in this age, and what does it look like? (Which obviously leads on to “AND WHY HAS IT HAD TO LOOK THE SAME FOR SO LONG?!”) The answers are complex, but so, my dear, are you guys wearing it – and that’s what this mystical collection so perfectly conveys.

Karolina & Karin – we are MAJOR fans of your work. An Oxytocin Overdose indeed…


Photography // Matthias Jung
Styling // Karolina Woznicka
Make-up // Chris Baer
Model // Simone Aschenbrenner