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In 2013, Way Out Wedding was just a blog… And it was just me. I wrote about people’s real weddings, mostly alternative but also vintage and boho. After a while, I noticed I was concentrating mostly on designers’ new ranges and also styled editorial shoots. My heart belongs to fashion and imagery, so this was always inevitable!

By 2018, the team was growing, and the style we wanted to focus on is cool, edgy, contemporary. That year also saw us launch our deliberately small directory of cool UK wedding suppliers, The WOW Edit. We’ve met a lot of vendors over the years just absolutely killing it with their innovation and vision, so we knew it was time to collate them meaningfully and go further to support small business: the central ethos of Way Out Wedding.

Excitingly, this year we’ll launch an annual print magazine all about planning cool and contemporary weddings to inspire all the modern romantics out there. Think of it as our directory in physical form. We know you’ll love it!

We also have our shop where you can buy cute merch such as tees, sweatshirts and pin badges, with stationery and veils collab’ed with directory members coming SOON!

Are you excited? ARE YA?! YESSSS!!




Way Out Wedding strives to remove the binary from its content and instead celebrates the fluidity and diversity of each and every human.

We write for all abilities, races, genders, sexes and identifications, sexualities and body shapes.

We love all people and we want their love represented throughout every inch of our brand.



We do it for all you lovestruck couples out there wanting your wedding day styling to reflect who you truly are and not just be a parade of outdated traditions and things you felt you should have. You’re a little rebel. We like you. We’ll inspire you and also empower you to design your day in your very own unique and wonderful way.

WHY DO we DO what we do?

Wedding days have a lot of pressure attached to them. A lot of the old ‘happiest day of your life’ chat. We are here to put the fun and the ease back into it all by bringing you edgy styling, suppliers who make our hearts beat like a drum ‘n’ bass record, and thoughtful articles about self-care and perspective about the whole wedding lead-up. We give you balance and chill. And we do what we do for the love of LOVE.


Team Way Out Wedding (WOW for short if we are to save on space and typing energy) is Erin Balfour as editor-in-chief, and her cherry-picked freelance team of phenomenally talented, creative and inspiring women. These are Ellie Kime, a.k.a. The Wedding Enthusiast, who is WOW Mag’s assistant editor, newsletter magician, blogger with the killer word skills, and editorial shoot stylist of your dreams. Next up is Lauren Odette Revell who made the branding so very, very perfect, and with whom (sometimes it’s WHOM) I’ll be doing our first range of WOW tees. Then there’s illustration babe Cat Lobo who worked with me to create the seriously cute Modern Romantic and Always The Bridesmaid pin badges. Finally, there’s the wondrous Claire Spake, who is the designer of the magazine, and who makes me laugh daily on her False Friends Forever Insta account - tea has been snorted, I will admit this. I will also admit to being helplessly addicted to her amazing merch. Take my money.

Come and meet everyone properly below!!

Erin Balfour

Erin Balfour

Erin Balfour

Who am I? I am editor-in-chief of Way Out Wedding and I give myself fancy titles like that one. I choose love and I choose modern romance, and with those in mind I strive to bring you the best in contemporary, groundbreaking wedding styling. Our mission here is to introduce you to mainly indie and small businesses who are smashing wedding-industry barriers, who are dedicated to making sure your day is fit AF, and who have YOU at the heart of everything they do. You are living, breathing, sleeping weddings right now, and so are we. Together we will bring your day AMAZINGNESS.

Ellie Kime | Photo by Joanna Bongard Photography

Ellie Kime | Photo by Joanna Bongard Photography

Ellie Kime 

You will know this babe better as The Wedding Enthusiast. Working with both couples and wedding businesses, she’ll see you right with your styling, planning, and everything weddingy. All with a cup of tea at the ready. Actual perfection.

Ellie is one of Way Out Wedding magazine’s editorial fashion shoot stylists, organising and styling according to the creative brief, and then adding that Ellie magic and just smashing everything and blowing our minds all over again.

Lauren Odette Revell

Lauren Odette Revell


Lauren’s super cool graphic design and branding skills brought perfect tequila sunrise meets cutesy pink meets Cali vibes to the Way Out Wedding rebrand earlier this year and we LOVE her vision!! Based at her studio in Essex, she produces highly charged and colourfully creative concepts using her talents in graphic design, typography and illustration to build brands and establish their presence within their industries. Oh Lauren, we love you, yes we do!

Cat Lobo

Cat Lobo


Now Cat Lobo I have named the QUEEN of pins. A freelance graphic illustrator, she has been responsible for some of the cutest merch I have ever seen ever (see her Very Important Bride gear for our pals The Un-Wedding. And then swoon.). She designed our first ever pins Always the Bridesmaid and Modern Romantic, and we have another one in the works that I am so excited about. Alumna of the super cool Central Saint Martins, she designs stationery, tech accessories, prints, pins, social media content and more for clients such as Skinnydip London, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Claire's Accessories and Punky Pins.

Sophia Katyea

Sophia Katyea

sophia katyea

Sophia is another of our magazine editorial shoot fashion stylists and, let me tell you, this gal’s vision is so fashion it hurts. Published in the likes of Vogue and c-heads magazine, Sophia is a dream member of the team as Way Out Wedding is all about the fashion, the culture, and creating new ways of doing things.

Sophia Katyea is a freelance creative director and stylist, with her own label, House of Soka. She’s worked across a variety of platforms from photo shoots and fashion editorials to music videos and digital content campaigns. Sophia has been producing and managing creative shoots since 2013. Her styling work centres on the principles of architectural forms and bright splashes of colour. Sophia prides herself on creative direction that grows concept ideas from illegible scribbles to dynamic projects full of life. We would not be without her <3

Claire Spake

Claire Spake

claire spake

Claire is an awesome freelance illustrator and designer, working on a wide range of projects from larger scale scenic painting, designing and creating murals, to hand-drawn and hand-painted illustration, book illustrations and textile and product designs. She’s worked on many projects for large companies, including Bombay Sapphire, Amazon and Spotify - FANCY.

Her merch range, False Friends Forever, is hands down one of my fave Insta accounts and makes me laugh my dirty laugh. We now stock FFF’s ‘Married AF’ keychain in the shop, and we recently collaborated on some exclusive ‘Engaged Hun’ keychains and ‘Hen Huns’ earrings for your debauched hen shenanigans. Those will be released very soon…