Agnes Black lives for love stories; loving madly, laughing wildly and living fearlessly. She loves setting her scene in killer light, using the lights and shadows to create moody hues. She’s confident and unafraid, pretty bad ass too. She loves intensely and lives passionately and is more than a little edgy and cool. Most importantly of all, she wants to tell your love story.

“I love to shoot those that are unafraid to show to show their love. The kind that are intimate, adventurous, wanderers, raw, honest and passionate. You know, those that ooze that real love stuff. The ones that tease and flirt and rock the hell out of their day!!! The kind that know they will have the most epic time together on the most EPIC day of their lives. I am really into humanist ceremonies, epic elopements, white spaces, botanical dreams, East London vibes, urban warehouses, cool loft spaces, backyard barns, small gatherings, big bashes and awesome style!”

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