Written by Erin Balfour

Photography by Elena Bofill

Hey! I just wanted to talk to you about the #coolbride hashtag you may have seen around on social media – Instagram, in particular.

It’s become a recognisable ‘look’ that people search for – usually a ton of sequins, glitter, pinks, fluffy faux fur in a rainbow of colours, hair to match, and with the word ‘slay’ thrown about with abandon, either in the caption or on the clothing itself. Love. It.

However, I heard it suggested that it implies that if you’re not of this look, then you’re not cool, and that it could make people feel bad about their wedding day style. Uh-oh. Definitely not what we want around here! To us, that’s an interesting linguistics and connotations debate right there, and there is definitely a valid point being made that we hadn’t thought of. And 100% one we want to address. The pressure that can be felt because of the presented perfection of social media to make our own wedding ‘Insta-worthy’ or ‘Pinterest-worthy’ is a real thing and it’s just not fair. It all feels a little bit Mean Girls. Not on our watch!

We at Way Out Wedding love every wedding, as it’s two people celebrating and cementing their love. The style is always secondary to that fact. We’ve zoned in on a particular look here on the blog and on our Instagram, sure, but that’s because that’s what gives us the serious heart eyes on a personal level, but all weddings are beautiful.

So I guess this little ramble is to reassure you that YOU ARE ALL COOL! Your wedding, your love, your style, your minimalism or your ‘extra’, whatever you dress like and however you style your big day, it’s all of it cool AF. You are fabulous and don’t you forget it!!


Dresses | Otaduy

Photography | Elena Bofill

Photographer’s assistant | Irina Peris Photography

Hair and make-up | Noemi Nohales Pons

Make-up assistant | Alba Guillen

Stylist | Patrycja Juraszczyk

Nails | Vanesa Juez X CND

Art direction | Támara Pérez

Model | Katty