The All New Way Out Wedding


Written by Ellie Kime

Oh hey, Way Out Wedding lovers! Long time no speak – and for very good reason. You may have noticed a few bits have changed around here, and we’re so excited for you to turn and face the strange with us (sing with me – CH CH CHAAAAANGEEEEEES).

Way Out Wedding has always been, and will always be, a wedding planning resource led by good design and great heart. With this in mind, monochrome had had its day with us – our heart will always belong to colour, and we wanted our branding to reflect that and pop. The amazing Lauren Odette Revell worked with us to get to the crux of what makes WOW tick, creating moodboards based on what inspires us, and we came up with a logo and branding that is pure San Junipero goodness meets delicious tequila sunrise meets daring GTA: Vice City, and we love it.

On top of this peachy-pinky hued goodness, we’ve revamped the way the website works, too. On our hiatus (Just call us One Direction – apart from we’re actually back, and with a bang) we focused on inspiring readers through Instagram, and it made it so obvious that the way people consume their media has changed. Really interestingly, it’s turned on its head! People visit the grid and then head for the site, rather than the other way round (like back in the olden days).

Our carefully curated wedding supplier directory

Our carefully curated wedding supplier directory

“So how the bloody hell does said site work?” I hear you scream, desperate to get at all that goodness at your fingertips. WELL. Our homepage shows you at a glance everything we’ve got going on (and boy is it good!). The directory, The WOW Edit, is the heart of the brand as we continue to grow a tight and carefully curated community of only the coolest wedding suppliers around. From there, you can head to their profiles to see their incred work and how they can help you create your banging wedding day style. We have a shop selling pieces from styled shoots, and – spoiler alert – upcoming merch like tees, badges, patches, totes and mugs – all the usual suspects!

And don’t worry – we still have a blog and it’s still bursting at the seams with delicious wedding inspiration. Our blog will be the place to get to know our WOW Edit members as well as the home for styled shoots and real weddings we’re head over heels in love with.

Click image to sign up to our newsletter - news, roundups, exclusives and a strong gif game…

Click image to sign up to our newsletter - news, roundups, exclusives and a strong gif game…

Finally – last but not least – we have a revamped monthly newsletter where you can sign up for news, giveaways, and exclusive content from your gals at WOW.

So, what’s all this to say? It’s all to say we’re back, and we’re back with a bang, baby. We saw how we’d grown as a brand since we’ve started, and how the map for blogs was changing, and so we built a brand spanking new site to make it easier for you to find your wedding inspiration, and we did it in some gorgeous colours, too. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into it…

Erin Balfour