WOW LOVES... Ink & Paper

Photography credit - Marianne Chua Photography

Photography credit - Marianne Chua Photography

Today we chat to the wonder human that is Grania from Ink & Paper who creates modern stationery using traditional printing methods. We love, LOVE, love her designs - imagine us doing the ‘we are not worthy’ bow down bits from Wayne’s World - and also our little chats about music on Insta - she really is the loveliest lady and you should definitely be all over that enquiry form for your Ink & Paper wedding stationery.

Hello! Who are you and what lovely thing do you do?

“Hello! I'm Grania, and I do gorgeous bespoke wedding invitations and custom calligraphy.”

WHY do you do what you do?

“Honestly? It's massively geeky, but I love nothing more than letterpress printing. Why letterpress? Because I love working with my hands. Because it's a beautiful, tactile and traditional form of printing, and I feel the results far exceed most modern methods. Take a look, run your hands over the deboss. You'll see what I mean.”

Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00012.jpg

What couples do you love to work with?

“Creative people and those who value beautiful design! Offering a bespoke service, it's as much about your ideas and inspiration as it is my design skills. And I love nothing more than the collaborative element that forms part of the design process. I love it so much, in fact, that I launched a ‘Print Your Own Wedding Invitations’ workshop, specifically with creative, hands-on couples in mind...”

Why will Way Out Wedding readers be thanking their lucky stars they booked you?

“Not just will you have stationery that makes you (and all your guests) go ‘wow’, but I also pride myself on the relationship I build with my couples - I am here to support you, to help you crack that perfect wording, and make sure you get exactly what you want... often better!”

What are you most proud of in your business so far?

“I was a runner up for the ‘bridalNEXT!’ award for innovation in the wedding industry at this year's Most Curious Wedding Fair, which felt like a fantastic achievement as I had only launched four months before the fair. Recognition is lovely, but really, it's the feedback I get when couples see my work in real life for the first time: joy in its purest form!”

Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00017.jpg

Do you have a tip or hint for those getting married?

“Make sure the supplier's style fits with your vision and what you want. And make sure you take some time to enjoy each other's company during the planning process - there's a lot to do and you'll end up talking shop a lot, so schedule in a few date nights with wedding talk firmly off the cards!”

What inspires me is...

“Getting lost in cities, Art Nouveau and Deco design, finding myself in remote parts of nature with no one else around.”

Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00011.jpg

My heroes are…

“It's cheesy, but my friends and family are my absolute heroes. Though if I had to pick a couple of more famous ones, I'd say David Bowie and Frida Kahlo.”

Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00014.jpg

Your theme tune is…

“This week it's David Bowie - Absolute Beginners.”

Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00003.jpg

Tell us a secret...

“I dance in the studio to ‘80s rock like no one is watching. I really hope no one is watching...”

Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00009.jpg

I know it's like picking a favourite child, but let's go there - what's your fave collection you've worked on?

“I'm currently working on some beautiful, modern neon lighting-themed invitation suites, which I can't wait to share!”

Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00007.jpg

The next adventure for my business is…

“More workshops: having just launched the ‘Print Your Own Invitation’ workshop, I'm so excited to meet more of my lovely couples in the flesh and see their amazing designs.”


Ink and Paper Modern Wedding Stationery 00004.jpg