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Wedding gifts and favours can sometimes be cut from the wedding to do list, but what if there was a gorgeous way of incorporating something actually meaningful, steeped in memories, utterly heartfelt and moving into your day? Little treasures you and your guests could keep forever and not just get thrown away after the last piece of confetti has settled on the dance floor?

This is where The Token Hunter comes in! Heather took her love of travel and global adventure and created an inspirational business that makes jewellery and keepsakes from travel mementos. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing, perfect for not only your wedding day but also the marriage that follows, and we love it!!

Hello! Who are you and what lovely thing do you do?

“Hi, I’m Heather, a self-confessed souvenir junkie with a personal collection of mementos from every corner of the globe! Travel is in my DNA and if I’m not exploring, you’ll be sure to find me in my studio. My love for isolated landscapes and handmade treasure inspires my products, which represent strong and undeniable ties to people and places.”

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why i do what i do

The Token Hunter was launched from happy and humble beginnings at home on the open road whilst exploring ways in which to collect, create and travel. A childhood spent chasing adventure guaranteed that a lifetime of wanderlust was to follow, and in 2013 I quit my day job to pursue my dreams. Buying a one way ticket to Bangkok, I lived and worked throughout South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand for the following three years. Here, my small, independent business was born.”

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What couples do you love to work with?

“I love to work with couples who are planning destination weddings and want to incorporate unique and personalised accents. From bridesmaid gifts, to bouquet charms and cufflinks for the groomsmen, I have all areas covered for your day.”

Why will Way Out Wedding readers be thanking their lucky stars they booked you?

“My wanderlust charms are the perfect way to capture life’s greatest adventures! Crafted from original maps and vintage snaps each token is handmade to order with the location or image of your choice. My designs are totally unique to YOU. Each charm has been thoughtfully designed to tell your own personalised story with a unique blend of love and adventure. They make a perfect finishing touch to your marriage journey.”

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What are you most proud of in your business so far?

“I love how we purchase jewellery at significant moments in our lives, to remember and represent the special occasions we encounter as human beings. Every time people wear my treasures, they instantly transport the wearer to a specific time and place. They are guaranteed to make them smile or possibly cry happy tears! I can’t imagine not being obsessed with what I create, and I’m proud to play a small yet significant part in such a sentimental and unique journey!”

Do you have a tip or hint for those getting married?

“Once all the big plans are covered, take time to enjoy the small, finer details and add cool and contemporary touches that represent the personalities of the bride and groom.”

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What inspires me is...

“Taking inspiration from the road less travelled to create unique and bespoke keepsakes, I’m obsessed with vintage maps, foreign currency and black and white photography.”

My heroes are…

“David Attenbourough and Dolly Parton.”

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my theme tune is…

“Toto’s Africa - for the explorer in us all!”

Tell us a secret...

“I’m terrible at secrets, but I’m a firm believer in doing more of what makes you happy: paddle that extra mile, sleep in a tent, take a road trip, climb a mountain... It’s all about doing small things with great love!”

I know it's like picking a favourite child, but let's go there - what's your fave thing you've worked on?

“Favours - The small gifts from the newlyweds to the wedding guests, are all about functionality this year: gifts that will actually be of use to the recipient. Think personalised key rings, magnets and tokens to remember your special day and celebrate your happy place! With this in mind, I’ve just finished working on a collection of favours for a wedding at the top of the Rock in New York City! What a place to tie the knot! There’s something really special about seeing your work out there in the world, especially in new and exciting locations.”

The next adventure for my business is…

“I’m extending my range of accessories to include an entire collection of good luck keepsakes for your wedding day. They’ll be hitting my site this month, so watch this space!”

thank you, heather, for showing us your absolutely beautiful and heartwarming gifts and treasures!

adventurers, hit that button below to see what memories heather can bring to your favour and gifts game!!

The Token Hunter Travel Charms and Souvenirs Wedding Favours Gifts 00011.jpg