WOW LOVES... Buy Our Honeymoon


Written by Erin Balfour

Welcome to our very first EVER supplier love spotlight post, you guys! Today we’re chatting with Andrew and Shelley from Buy Our Honeymoon to dig deeper into who they are, what they can do for your wedding, and how you can book them.

Over to you!

So tell us all about Buy Our Honeymoon

“Buy Our Honeymoon is an alternative wedding gift list service for funding the honeymoon of your dreams. Instead of being given more stuff for your home, you can use your wedding gifts to make your honeymoon happen.

We’re completely independent, so you can use our service with any travel provider, or even if you haven’t made all your arrangements yet. You can make your list as detailed or as simple as you like, and your gifts are always paid directly to you, facilitated by the site, so you have access to your funds as soon as each payment clears.

It’s incredibly flexible and very personal. So much more fun than a new set of spoons!”

Why do you do what you do?

“It developed out of our own needs. We originally set up the site for our own wedding back in 2005. We’d been living together for a while, and although we knew our guests would want to do something for gifts, we really didn’t want new saucepans and towels, and just asking for cash felt a bit stale.

But we were planning a big road trip honeymoon in the USA, so we put together a way for our guests to fund parts of that instead. Some people bought us theme park tickets, others an upgrade for our rental car. We had the most amazing time, all thanks to our wonderful friends and family.

Our guests loved the idea and the experience so much, we felt other couples might enjoy doing the same thing. So we developed the site and launched as a business nearly 12 years ago. Since then, we’ve added tons of new features and ways to make the process as easy as possible, while still making sure that we’re here for our couples and their guests, every step of the way.”

The couple that USES BUY OUR HONEYMOON is…

“Creative and imaginative. They want their wedding to be unique and personal to them. They don’t want a completely off-the-shelf solution: they want to personalise and customise and have it fit their own style.

We make sure our branding stays out of the way on your list, so the focus is all on you as a couple and your plans for your honeymoon. Unlike a traditional gift list, where brands, quantities and costs are the centre of attention, we make sure your list is all about the story you want to tell.”

What are you most proud of in your business so far?

“We’re problem solvers. Because we run our own business, we can deal with any and all of the requests that come our way. We’re very responsive and our business has been shaped in response to our customers. Even now, after 12 years, we still sometimes get requests to help with a new, unique set of circumstances, and we love being able to help with that.”


What inspires US is... *

“We’re often blown away by the wit and creativity shown by couples using the site. So many have the adventure of a lifetime and think of new and amazing places to visit, or include fantastic ideas on their registries, which we know their guests will love.”

OUR heroes are… *

Shelley - “Dolly Parton and Rafa Nadal. Both are people who strongly believe in giving back to their local communities. People who believe in giving opportunities to where they came from.”

Andrew - “I’ve been a huge fan of Rachel Maddow for years. She’s a news anchor at MSNBC in America, and her approach is quite unique, taking time to illustrate a topical issue with loads of historical context.”

OUR theme tune is… *

“Feeling Good by Nina Simone. This was the song Shelley walked down the aisle to. It’s both hopeful and kickass at the same time. Every day is a fresh start.”

WE shouldn’t have a favourite, but it’s totally got to be… *

“It’s so hard to choose! But probably any of the firsts: the first couple that took that leap of faith and signed up to use our service back in 2007; the first couple to register with us from outside of the UK; the first couples to travel places we’d never even considered as honeymoon destinations, or to use our service to fund ideas we wish we’d thought of ourselves.”

Do you have a tip or hint for those getting married?

“Do it your own way! Don’t be forced into doing what others want, or keeping to traditions just for traditions’ sake. Ultimately your guests will enjoy your wedding if you are loving it. So do it how you want to, and make it your own.

A honeymoon gift list solves the problem of how to ask for cash wedding gifts in a polite and meaningful way. It means that you get the valuable help towards your honeymoon costs, while your guests get to feel that their gift is more than just a number on a cheque. So it’s important to put as much of your personalities into your list as you can to really engage your guests in your honeymoon plans.”

The next adventure for BUY OUR HONEYMOON is…

“We’re very lucky in that we’ve built our service from scratch ourselves, so we get to easily shape and adapt it to best serve the couples that choose us. We’re always refining and polishing the site, and adding new features, designs and technologies. And although we’re constantly developing our service, we’ve always stayed true to the principles and ideas that we began with.”


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