Pool Party

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Written by Erin Balfour

Photography by Ayelle Photography + Video

So yesterday was the day to jump in the pool and stay there, am I right?! Heatwaaaave… A very apt time, then, to show you an inspiration shoot from one of our beloved directory members, Luna Glitter Bar, that serves up aaallll the glittery fun with looks that’ll take you from daytime well into the night. Their Pool Party shoot is packed with festival wedding inspiration, wedding glitter looks and everything you need to help you decide that YES glitter and sparkle is definitely the vibe you’re set on for your summer wedding, hen party, or engagement party.

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the story of the shoot by claire from luna glitter bar

“There's always something to celebrate when you grab your besties and escape to a poolside sanctuary where you can splash in the pool, sip your favourite fizz and be adorned in luxury glitter designs by Luna Glitter Bar. Since our launch in 2017, we here at Luna have built a close team of of highly skilled glitter artists specialising in wedding and event glitter and, as a result, have become great friends, too. We wanted to celebrate our bond, as well as showcase our skills in style, so we escaped to a private retreat complete with an outdoor pool and endless golden fields and had a special day together creating amazing designs while relaxing and having a ton of fun. Inflatable Pegasus and glitter wings, anyone?”

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“Our photographer and videographers for the day were the cool as bananas Ayelle Photography + Video, whose atmospheric style was perfect for the dreamy but editorial feel we were looking for with the shoot.”

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“As part of our Luna team we’re lucky to have an amazing hair stylist LGHAIRSTYLING and make-up artist Samantha Eaton Make-up so naturally they were our first choice to give us our gorgeous faces and hair looks for the day. We offer braids and space buns as part of our glitter service so we styled lots of variations, added colourful extensions and then sprinkled them all with a generous amount of sparkle, of course. The make-up was designed to enhance our glitter designs, so everything from iridescent shine to colour pop orange eyes were the order of the day. Then came the sparkle!”

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“We set up our treasure trove of glitter, body paint and gems, then hand painted each design using reusable gems and the softest bioglitter to be sure not to leave litter for the planet or the swimming pool. Each of us had a unique character from MUA Sam - the asymmetric bird of paradise glitter wing, the neon snakeskin look, those iridescent swan wings teamed with pearl-like gems, butterfly girl, fringe-wearing carnival queen with glitter arm cuff, and Claire, who as Luna owner, wore lifeguard red and gold to keep everyone safe and in check. Oh, and we were having such a good time that the beautiful photographer Liz ended up donning a spare bikini and getting glittered up and jumping in the pool, too! Everyone's welcome at a Luna party!”

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“We love to bring our unique selfie lounge to events or parties, complete with sequinned backdrop, vintage peacock chairs and loads of cool props, so before we headed for a dip we had fun dressing up and taking pics to have some lasting memories of the day. The silliness continued into the pool where we messed about on giant inflatables before lazing by the pool in the afternoon sun and getting yet more glitter on for the evening session. We can tailor our designs to our customers’ theme or colour scheme, so we decided for our nighttime looks to go for a sexy celestial theme; we painted shining Luna crescents and lightning bolts using metallic paints, highlighted all our best features from boobs to thighs to backs with the magic of moonlight silver glitter, and dotted star covered braid rings through our hair before slipping into our sassiest outfits and heading out for a beautiful evening of togetherness and friendship.”

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Concept, styling and glitter | Luna Glitter Bar

Photography and Videography | Ayelle Photography + Video


Make-up | Samantha Eaton Make-up

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