Photo by The Alternative Wedding Collective

Photo by The Alternative Wedding Collective

Ellen of LND Events is a wedding planner extraordinaire, and today we’ve asked her all about what she does, why she does it, and to tell us a secret - that was our fave answer!!

Hello! Who are you and what lovely thing do you do?

“Hey! I’m Ellen, and I’m a wedding and event planner.”

I set up my business because…

“I absolutely love meeting new people. I love parties and occasions, so it seemed logical to combine the two and put together awesome events for awesome people.”

What couples do you love to work with?

“Those that aren’t afraid of blank spaces and what we could create with them. Let your imagination come out to play.”

Arabella Smith Fine Art Wedding Photography

Arabella Smith Fine Art Wedding Photography

Why will Way Out Wedding readers be thanking their lucky stars they booked you?

“Booking a planner is an investment in time saving and whilst you might see them as an unnecessary expense, they save you stress and worry by doing the leg work for you so that you just get to enjoy what should be one of be happiest days of your life. Me, I can do all of that!”

What are you most proud of in your business so far?

“I’ve been publicly recognised through award ceremonies, but nothing beats the genuine thanks I’ve had from couples who understand what I’ve done for them. Cheesy AF, but true!”

Do you have a tip for those getting married?

“Book a wedding planner!!”

What inspires me is...

“People’s ideas. I bounce off people who like to think outside the box as I realise they’re as crazy as me but it’s all going to work perfectly!”

My heroes are…

“My friends. They keep me going, and listen to me whenever I need it.”

MY theme tune is…

“It varies between ‘80s power ballads and old-school hip hop.”

Tell us a secret...

“Lemmy from Motörhead once babysat for me!”

Arabella Smith Fine Art Wedding Photography

Arabella Smith Fine Art Wedding Photography

I know it's like picking a favourite child, but let's go there - what's your fave wedding you've worked on?

“I’m currently working on one that includes a drag queen who’s going to be marrying my couple.... cannot flippin’ wait!”

The next adventure for my business is…

“Hopefully expansion!”

Thank you so much, Ellen! We love what you do and cannot wait to see more!!