The Styling of Most Curious Wedding Fair 2019 Part Two

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Written by Erin Balfour

Photography by Katy Thomas

As you know, Way Out Wedding is proud to be one of the official sponsors of the gorgeous MOST CURIOUS WEDDING FAIR. And because fashion, styling and design are the things that make my heart sing, I was thrilled when Team MC asked us to bring you the story of the styling of their shows. Thrilled being somewhat of an understatement as I believe I yelled “YESSS”, threw my hands in the air and was hit in the face with my Aesthetic Laundry tassels. Worth it.

Over to founder of the shows Becky to tell you more!

Way back in November ‘18, we revealed our show styling theme as The Artsy, the Arid and the Abstract right here on Way Out Wedding, showing our inspiration being taken from trends in fashion, design, interiors and visual media styling of the moment.

So, what the heck does that actually mean?! 
It means we shall be treating you to a venue taken over by a dry, matte terracotta and apricot palette with Mediterranean and Moroccan accents of poppy yellow and cobalt blues, and we’ve focused on Matisse and Miro-esque lines and forms as well as organic, abstracted shapes.

Our campaign shoot celebrated this with traditional artisan materials like dried palm, linen, wicker and clay, with artisan embellished finishes of embroidered and painted detailing. Hand-painted blocks of colour made up a stylised table setting with single stems of fluffy dried florals, wooden and earthenware objects. Hammered brass finishes and textures accompanied by soft, puffy, layered outlines for bridal gowns, piped icing decorated cakes, gossamer veils and backdrops plus straw hats and globular, gold, geometric jewellery and model hangings.

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SO, how is this going to translate into the styling you will be immersed in at the Truman Brewery on the 1-3 March?

First up, in our stellar team of creatives we are joining forces with to make this dreamy world a reality on a larger scale, is our floral stylist and sponsor for this year BLOAUM STUDIO. Founder Shelena Dawood is a powerhouse of fresh, forward-thinking creativity, big ambition, skill and can-do attitude. With her, we have used our earthy toned palette to really explore the arid and abstract vibes, with experiments with rounded floral forms inspired by our pattern created for the show theme, which will spring up around the catwalk seating. This area will be a be full of texture and shape; like stepping into an arid landscape for the models to meander through.

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The seating itself, from sponsor Juno Hire, will take its cues from the same palette, with pops of Matisse-like cobalt blue and sun bleached pinks, in free organic shapes for our visitors to lounge upon while inside our abstract landscape as they take in the runway shows!

Soft forms will be the order of the day from our floral artist, as well as the seating styles. BLOAUM STUDIO explores the abstracted and handmade idea further with large-scale floral mobiles, which we are super excited about and know will be mega inspiring as a new way for flowers to enter weddings from here on out! We’ve taken our cue from Alexander Calder’s sculptural mobiles and motifs, and presenting this idea to Shelena has resulted in an amazing floral interpretation, which will take pride of place in the entrance of the event and over the catwalk itself.

CHECK OUT THE MOST CURIOUS 2019 styling pinterest moodboard here

We are working with master prop makers and stylists Wild and Wonder Events and their engineering expertise to make the structures for the floral mobiles. These will show just how versatile and ambitious they are in creating props for events such as your wedding! They will also be creating some Love Totems for us, a little inspired by an arid take on Vegas’s seven magic mountains! Abstract forms protruding up as cool pieces of art with the landscape of décor ideas that go beyond the norm! Come and see to find out more…

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Our abstracted pattern will appear again as a printed vinyl wrapped around the show, extending to the selfie wall, so make sure you go and take snap of you in the arid, artsy, abstract frame!

Boomting Bunting will be taking over the feast food hall with swathes of coarse linens in hand-dyed colourways, referencing our shoot and a new pattern created just for the show.

As usual, we’ve said too much. But we feel like it’s too good not to share! We hope the theme will push wedding trends firmly into 2019 with some really fresh, never-been-seen-before ideas for wedding styling, but all influenced by the beat of the themes we’re seeing in media, interiors, fashion, design and art right now, which we feel always filters down into wedding styling as the next 24 months unfolds. You’ll see it, and it’ll envelope you in a vibe that starts to be familiar from your (of course achingly cool) lifestyle, but at the same time opening your eyes to something new and exciting for your wedding..


Photographer | Katy Thomas

Flowers | Bloom of the Block

Cake | Hebe Konditori

Hair and make-up | Portraits Bridal

Dresses | Grace Lane Londonvelvet johnstoneKatya KatyaPhillipa Long; Prim & Clover

Shoes | Kat Maconie

Veils and hat | AM Faulkner

Embroidered veils | Daisy Sheldon

Head scarf | The Hexad

Underwear | Monki and velvet johnstone

Beaded leaf | Macon et Lesquoy

Jewellery | The HexadArowmFlorence & DotLennie BeareLuna BeaStonehearts ClubEclectic EccentricityCorrie Williamson

Mobiles | Corrie Williamson

Art direction, styling, set design and food styling | Most Curious founder Becky Hoh-Hale, assisted by Ann-Marie Faulkner and The Wedding Enthusiast