The All New Way Out Wedding

June 15, 2018By Ellie KimeNews

Oh hey, Way Out Wedding lovers! Long time no speak – and for very good reason. You may have noticed a few bits have changed around here, and we’re so excited for you to turn and face the strange with us (sing with me – CH CH CHAAAAANGEEEEEES). Way Out Wedding has always been, and … Read More

Last Night an Ellie Saved My Life

November 8, 2017By Erin BalfourNews

This post was going to be called ‘Way Out Wedding Expands’ or something equally lame. But that falls exceptionally short of what has actually happened behind the scenes here at the blog, so I changed it. Basically, a wedding industry firebrand by the name of Ellie Kime has saved Way Out Wedding from disappearing ‘down … Read More

Media Kit 2017

October 4, 2017By Erin BalfourNews

A little while ago, I posted about not being able to blog as much for a while and so moving over to Instagram, and I have to say thank you soooo much to everyone who sent me lovely messages of encouragement and virtual hugs – you are so cool!! It did mean that I anticipated a … Read More


June 17, 2017By Erin BalfourNews, Personal Posts 2 Comments

Some news! Way Out Wedding is moving mainly to Instagram for a bit. Long story short, I’m a parent carer and as such my time to work on the blog is dictated by the needs of my lovely children. Just lately it’s been increasingly impossible to work at all. With blogging, you wear all the … Read More