velvet johnstone Lookbook Inspired by the New Moon in Aquarius

August 1, 2018By Ellie KimeThe Dress

Today’s shoot is PURE magic, you know – and when velvet johnstone is involved, never believe it’s not so. This lookbook features everything we’ve come to expect and love from velvet johnstone: divine design, heavenly fabrics, a cosmic, modern take on romantic that doesn’t define you, but lets you define it (but not defy it.) … Read More

Ritual Unions Lookbook – Oxytocin Overdose

May 1, 2018By Ellie KimeThe Dress

If you’re a person with at least one working eye and a finger on the pulse, you’ll have heard of Ritual Unions. The Berlin-based bridal brand have been ALL OVER our radar for months, but this month was their crowning glory so far, with a stand at Most Curious‘ London show that earned them the … Read More


January 5, 2018By Erin BalfourThe Dress

I’ve blogged Otaduy‘s Galactic Love collection before, and probably will again, because the people behind the brand keep coming up with shoots that make my heart leap, and I am helpless to resist sharing them with you.

Daughters of Simone Dawn of a New Age Collection

December 22, 2017By Ellie KimeThe Dress

OK, I’m going to let you in on a lil’ industry secret here, kids – when a new collection, product or project is announced, the people behind it usually have an accompanying press release. It’s a little bit from the makers, or at least those hired by the makers, to explain more behind the newness … Read More