Love -Themed Disco Wedding On Brighton Beachfront

February 16, 2018By Ellie KimeWeddings

You know in film trailers, when they outline everything that you should expect from the film in a deep, throaty, gravelly voice studded with dramatic pauses? “This summer – pause – a brand new blockbuster – pause –  bringing us – modern romance, humour and EXPLOSIVE ATTITUDE – coming soon”. Well, that’s how I feel … Read More

Cowboy Psychedelia + Priscilla Presley Wedding…With Zebras!!

January 18, 2018By Ellie KimeWeddings

OK, are you sitting comfortably? Close your eyes (give me your hand, darling…), and imagine the coolest wedding that the vistas of your mind can come up with. We’re talking insanely cool, pin-every-photo, I-want-to-be-that-bride kind of cool. Got it? OK, open your eyes, because we’ve blown the brief into another dimension with this real wedding, … Read More

Quirky Bohemian Home From Home Wedding

December 21, 2017By Ellie KimeWeddings

Gorgeous bright blooms, gold spray paint, glitter and ice cream – say no more, we’re absolutely hooked! Kiera and Aiden got married a couple of Augusts ago, but their wedding is still bursting with unique inspiration and incredible suppliers – and, above all, colourful creativity and buckets of personality! Their wedding looks like a real … Read More

Bohemian Barn Wedding With Tattoos and A Gospel Choir

December 4, 2017By Ellie KimeWeddings

Ladies, lovelies, and those beyond the binary, do we have SUCH a treat for you today. Rachael and Marc’s wedding last August was a gorgeous sunny day full of teary happy moments, laid back bohemian vibes and some serious style. And a surprise gospel choir! A recipe for success if ever I’ve heard one… “We … Read More