‘floral menagerie’


  1. An unusual collection of wild flowers, especially for exhibition or show…

Floral Menagerie was launched in 2014 to bring together founder Lisa’s two passions: curating unusual objects and designing floral displays for weddings and events.

“I’m not conventionally trained; instead my style has developed naturally with additional tuition from some of my favourite floral experts such as Saipua, Nicolette Camille, The Blue Carrot and Jay Archer. I’m always inspired by the individuality of fresh flowers – their unruly curves, their mottled imperfections. Striving for the perfect balance of colour and texture is the main focus of my design technique. Although the transience of nature and, indeed, the beauty of decay is something I will always be drawn to, sometimes you just want your designs to last 'fauxever'! So, earlier this year, I launched a sideline in artificial flowers – fake or fresh, the choice is now yours! (But never the twain shall meet!) And carefully curated collection of darkly decadent homeware and gifts sits alongside my 'fauxever' flowers at our new premises in Charing Cross, Glasgow.

Floral Menagerie services are available in Scotland only.

Photography credits - Emma Lawson; Mirrorbox; Photos by Zoe; Neil Thomas Douglas; Struve Photography; Tub of Jelly