Hannah Taylor is queen of the showstopping wedding day décor, and your styling will be the talk of the town for all time with this genius involved!

Specialising in table displays and feature backdrops, Hannah works with and supplies the textiles, flowers, authentic artefacts and props.

Hannah offers advice on styling all the other personal details to complete your look. Working primarily in the south west of the UK, Hannah will travel further afield at an extra charge.

“I am that creative professional you can bounce your ideas off, who understands you and will help develop your style into a one-off wedding design. I feel passionate about my clients having what they want and being different to everyone else. I’m not phased by creative challenges. I can incorporate your own creative skills into my designs – I encourage this as it adds to the uniqueness and personal involvement. Bring all your ideas to me and we can develop and improve them together into workable and outstanding table creations. My ideal clients are artistic couples looking for something different to reflect their own personal taste and interests. All creative people have a vision. I guide, advise and develop my clients’ ideas, their vision. I am the one who turns that vision into a practical displayable look. A look that will reflect them and be of exceptional, authentic quality.”