Come and meet Katie.

She’s your ‘love story designer’ humanist celebrant specialising in totally bespoke ceremonies for kickass couples and fun-loving families. When I first typed in her title above, I accidentally typed ‘KATIE THE CELEBRATION’. But this is also quite, quite true <3

“I believe that a wedding ceremony should be as unique and special as the couple getting married; an authentic reflection of two individuals and their one-of-a-kind love story. Totally custom fit for them. I work with my couples to create one-off wedding ceremonies that fizz and pop with their personality and tell the story of their relationship. There are no off-the-shelf templates, or empty reflections on love and marriage. There’s no meaningless legal lingo or ‘God talk’. I want to give you SO MUCH MORE than the cover version ceremonies you’ve seen before … every single ceremony I write and conduct is an original designed for that couple, and that couple only. My couples tell me that their wedding ceremony helped kick off their celebrations in style and made their big day SHINE.”

Photography credits – Alexa Clarke Kent Photography; Imogen Freeland; Katie Matthews; Damien Vickers Photography