Designed by  Claire Spake

Designed by Claire Spake


Ever since ever, I’ve been obsessed with print magazines and coffee table books. From the music publications like Smash Hits, NME, Melody Maker, Q, and Select, to the fashion mags like Vogue and Elle that fed my soul, and not just the editorials but the ad campaigns with their cultural subtexts (yes I was that annoying wanker who critiqued the Gucci 1997 campaign in my Feminism seminar. Not even sorry. It spoke to me beyond the images. The end.) and the odd zine here and there - hello, Cheap Date, I miss you.

So why am I boring you with a trip down magazine memory lane? Because it’s been a goal of mine since I started Way Out Wedding to go printed. And AT LAST I’ve plucked up the courage - yes courage - to get the hell on with it. In a world where tech is sexy and media is mostly consumed through an interactive screen, it’s an audacious move to bring the tangible and less transitory form back into people’s hands. But here we are, and here we must go headlong and scared.



The plan is to produce two issues a year: one in February just as the wedding fairs are happening and also right after all those Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s fuelled proposals, and a September issue so all you lovers who got engaged in the summer haze have something to help inspire your own day. They’re going to be printed on eco-friendly paper and not glossy. Which I prefer for the obvious environmental reason, but also because I won’t have to battle with any overhead lights to read it… (pet hate!).



The magazine will first of all - for a limited time - be open for pre-sales where you can bag yourself some early bird exclusive merch as a thank you for believing in us. After pre-sales have closed, the magazine will go on sale in the Way Out Wedding shop

At the wedding fairs we sponsor, the VIP goody bags will contain a mini zine style version of the magazine, with a voucher to buy the full version at a discount.


Like the brand's online presence, it'll be an image-heavy, and intended as a visually inspiring keepsake, resource for modern couples. We want to position Way Out Wedding magazine firmly amongst the AnOthers and LOVEs of the magazine shelves.

The issues will feature only fresh and cool work and articles from our WOW Edit Directory members. Our directory is kept deliberately small and only suppliers who match our aesthetic and values are accepted. This way we form a tight and creatively simpatico collective, and together we’ll be creating our own editorial shoots for the magazine.

All images by  Sophie Lake Photography  from The WOW Edit Collective editorial shoot ‘Live Studio Audience’

All images by Sophie Lake Photography from The WOW Edit Collective editorial shoot ‘Live Studio Audience’

I actually cannot wait to show you what’s been cooking!! Watch out on Instagram - both Way Out Wedding main feed and The WOW Edit feed - for news, previews, behind-the-scenes stuff and basically all you need to know about buying our mag!! SO. EXCITING.

Big, big love…