Rock The Frock is a modern bridal boutique for women who want to reflect their individual style on their wedding day. Forget rails of strapless, long dresses that all look the same. Rock The Frock curates incredible dresses by independent designers from around the world exclusively to the UK to bring a fresh take on wedding style.

Rock The Frock offers design-led exclusive and ethical wedding dresses for non-traditional brides.

“Our brides are free-spirited, individual women who yearn for something beautiful and unique in a range of delicate laces, sumptuous silks and floaty tulle. Rock The Frock specialises in bohemian style dresses with an edgy look, including dresses with colour. Leading the way in bridal fashion, Rock The Frock carefully selects designers based on style, ethics and quality meaning our brides are guaranteed not only dresses modern in style, but also of the highest quality, and produced within our ethical requirements. Our open-door policy means that we treat all our customers with the respect they deserve, treating our brides like the independent woman they are from the moment they step foot in our boutique. You won’t find chandeliers and chaise longues in our boutique, but you will love our modern style accompanied with excellent service and dresses to die for. We can’t wait to meet you!”

Labels stocked include: Lucy Can’t Dance; Otaduy; velvet johnston; Ritual Unions